Slink Avatar Enhancement System – Developer Information


Hello, and thank you for choosing to work with the Slink Avatar Enhancement System!

Please click here to apply

Please allow up to a week to receive your kit – if you do not hear back in that time, please send a notecard to Slink Resident with the name you applied with and the date you applied, and we can let you know the status.

Please note – an application is not a guarantee that you will receive a kit, or all parts of the kit you have applied for.  All applications are considered and checked before kits are sent.

There is no fee for content creators who use this kit, but we assume you own the current Avatar Enhancements, or at the very least, a demo, and are using your own textures or meshes (or legally available template textures or meshes). Body parts are not given with the kit.

The attachments can be found at the Slink Mainstore.  If you have previously purchased these items, you only need to visit the re-delivery kiosk for an updated box!  In the inworld appliers kit you will receive everything you need to make your textures work with my Avatar Enhancements

This includes:

  • Instructions on how to edit your skin textures for compatibility with my Enhancement Attachments (don’t worry, there’s not a lot of editing required!) 🙂
  • Scripts, notecards and templates for the making of HUDS for Hand and feet textures, as well as stockings,customisable fingernails, heads and body ( dependent on which kits you are approved for)
  • Copies of the Slink Avatar Enhancement Logos, which I ask that you place on your HUD vendors so your customers can identify them as compatible with my Enhancement Attachments

Please do not change the shape, content or colour of this logo. 🙂

*PERSONAL HUDS are now available in the Slink Mainstore* Please only apply below if you need a commercial kit.

Please advise me by email – – or IM SLink Resident when you have released your addon products in your store, so I can update my lists!

Slink Avatar Enhancements PinBoard

Slink Avatar Enhancements Flickr Group

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