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I have received a LOT of feedback about my newest release, the SLink de Jolie Mains sculpted hands, thank you all very much for the brilliant response! They are available at the SLink Mainstore.

99.9% of the response was incredibly positive, it seems that many SL residents dislike the standard avatar hands almost as much as they dislike the feet!  I’m very happy to provide prettier alternatives when they are so well received! 🙂

The 2 big issues I received feedback about were that the textures were *too* realistic for the SL avatar skins, and that the hands were a little on the large side.  I listened, took it all in and have just released the revised version, with a couple of additions. 🙂

  • I’ve made the textures on the hands smoother and added an optional patch on the wrist for a much more seamless transition between hand and arm.
  • I also resculpted the hands and fingers to improve the appearance of the textures and exaggerate the flex and curl options.
  • I’ve made the base hand a lot smaller, so that once the hand fits at the wrist, you will end up with delicate hands and lovely long slender fingers.
  • I’ve added a nail tinting HUD so you can tweak your nail colours to perfection.  This will work on ALL SLink Jolie nails, including the standalone nail set, and the toenails, and I will be putting this out for free in my store in the next day or so.
  • I’ve also fixed a little bug that was causing the save buttons on the OmniHUD to fail.

Updates are being sent now to the current owners, and there is a redelivery vendor available next to the main vendor incase anyone missed their update.

This is the feature template against which future hand releases will be based.

I also received a lot of requests for different gestures.  I will definitely be releasing different poses and gesture sets in the future 🙂  Watch this space!

It’s time for me to show my hand….

or.. hands!  A true Second Life first, brought to you exclusively by SLink, the grid’s first, elegant sculpted hands.  Replace your pancake hands with these beautifully sculpted, textured and scripted hands to enhance your perfect avatar.

These lovely relaxed hands are great for photos, or general everyday use.  They are just $450 for the set, and the demo is absolutely free!!

Fully HUD controlled, with optional jewellery, texture change skin, gems and nails, and 3 wrist settings per hand pose, the first set available is this relaxed hand set.

More poses to come, watch this space!!

**Photos of hands have NOT been edited to hide seams or otherwise enhance the image.  What you see is what you get!***