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The Glitter Peeps Addon is now available @ Slink

I have put up the Glitter Peeptoes Addon for the Slink Medium rigged feet and the Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet.

Glitter Addon Ad

If you bought these previously with feet in them, you can hit up the update board with the display to get the addon update free. If you bought on the Marketplace, or your purchase is not listed in the updates, drop me a NOTECARD so I can send them to you directly.

New Nails for the SL default avatar hands!

Now available at Slink – Avatar Enhancement Nails for the default avatar hands!  They are fully compatible with all the nailpolish huds listed on the Customer Information Page

These nails are one size fits all (no editing or resizing necessary), come with a set of basic french nail colours, and a visibility HUD so you can choose between short, medium, long or stiletto nails, There is also an animated (keeps your hands in the relaxed position no matter the pose) and non animated version.


That’s right, I have new shoes at Slink today and they are called Shaz.  They are cute, and sexy and perfect summer shoes.  Each colour has 2 sole options, a colour match and a woven espadrille type base, and you can turn on and off the flower and frog decorations as you like 😀

I have created a super simple tinting method for these new style feet, instructions are in the demo!

These shoes are fully V2 compatible, they include optional tattoo layers, and don’t include invisiprims.

It’s time for me to show my hand….

or.. hands!  A true Second Life first, brought to you exclusively by SLink, the grid’s first, elegant sculpted hands.  Replace your pancake hands with these beautifully sculpted, textured and scripted hands to enhance your perfect avatar.

These lovely relaxed hands are great for photos, or general everyday use.  They are just $450 for the set, and the demo is absolutely free!!

Fully HUD controlled, with optional jewellery, texture change skin, gems and nails, and 3 wrist settings per hand pose, the first set available is this relaxed hand set.

More poses to come, watch this space!!

**Photos of hands have NOT been edited to hide seams or otherwise enhance the image.  What you see is what you get!***

Massive feet update today!

I’ve been working extra hard to get these feet updated, rescripted and repackaged over the last couple of weeks!  A mammoth job, but I think you will agree, worth it for the huge reduction in script time, and the extra little benefits these feet have!

All updated feet available at the SLink Mainstore!

Click the below images for larger versions 🙂

First things first – The Jolie Pied mens feet have all been updated and updates have been sent to the list of owners as I have them.  If you own a pair of mens feet purchased before the middle of May, 2010, and didn’t receive an update please IM me inworld to arrange for your update to be sent.  The Adam barefeet have been retired and replaced with the Jolie Pied for Men Pivoting style which is also now available at the SLink Mainstore.

Updates for the below styles have been sent.  Please let me know if you own a pair of kids or exotix feet and didn’t receive an update!!

The Jolie Pied Exotix Style has been updated for women, and a new range of the Jolie Pied Exotix has been added for men.  This range now includes a pivoting version, as well as the ability to toggle the footpads on and off with the HUD, as well as choose from 2 different footpad textures (black and white) and tint the footpads to your taste!

I have clearly marked which set is for which gender.

And finally, so the little-ies don’t feel left out, I have finished my complete range of barefeet for kids and small fae size avatars.  I’ve tested these with a variety of shapes and sizes and they should work well for most small avatars.

Mikaela – Coming soon to Slink

Coming very, very soon to the SLink Mainstore.  Watch this space for further information or join my subscriber kiosk to receive a notice.

2 new Nail addon HUD’s at SLink today

I have just put up 2 new nailpolish HUDs in the SLink Mainstore today.

60 new nail colours to complement your Jolie Pied feet, or your SLink prim nails!   Gorgeous shades of blue, green, red or pink available.   More to come 🙂