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Sharp Mesh suit @ Slink

I have just released this hot little number at the Slink Mainstore, something I started working on many months ago but put on hold while waiting to see if SL would ever get a mesh attachment deformer.  I decided to release it now, as the deformer project in it’s current state will allow for easy updating if/when it ever goes into production!

Tailored Suit Main Ad

This sexy little suit comes in 5 colours, and each colour comes with 6 belt textures, and 12 blouse textures via the included HUD.  The blouse is also optional, for a revealing low cleavage!

New releases at SLink

I have a number of shiny new creations in store today!  Hop down to the SLink Mainstore and take a look at….

The Sydney Boots – Fur Edition.  Available in 4 Xmas Seasonal colours (Red, White, Green and Gold), soft white fur lining around the knee of the boot.

Included with each colour is the red Naughty&Nice dress pictured here.  It looks perfectly nice here right?  Try wearing it without the prim bodice 😀

Sydney Boots Fur

Sydney Naughty n Nice

I have also finally created a set of sculpted prim nails, which are compatible with the nailpolish options in my Jolie Pied feet HUDs

Nails ad

Last but not least, I have released 3 Nail addon HUD’s for the Jolie Pied feet, and the new nails.  Wear these HUD’s with your nails, and your feet, and you can change the nail textures on them all at the same time! (does not work with the older style barefeet)

The Glitter, Art and Silly Seasonal polishes include 18 shades of glittery polish, 6 shades of glittery polish with various nail art, and 6 Christmas Themed nail art pieces.  There is a wee Santa, a little happy snowman, a snow angel.. or is that a snow ghost?  A decorated Fir tree, a sprig of holly, and a little red wrapped gift!

JPADDONGlitterArt Ad

JPADDONMatteChipped Ad

(The Matte and Chipped Polishes are also included with the Jolie Pied for men feet)

JPADDONGlossLaquer Ad

(The Gloss and Lacquer are also included with the Jolie Pied for women feet, and the Prim Nails)

Lourdes Denim Miniskirt

Custom sculpted, completely handpainted, 2 days solid work. This is the Lourdes denim miniskirt.

Available in 6 colours at the SLink Mainstore for $300L per colour or $900L for the fatpack.  Each colour pack includes both new/pristine *and* old/frayed version of the skirts.
Lourdes Denim Miniskirt

Taxi to SLink to grab yours!