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I have a great new release out at Vintage Fair for the next couple of weeks!

This is a new foot style, rigged and available in 5 standard sizes.  The Vintage 2-Strap Pumps are an addon shoe and for the duration of the Vintage Fair, both feet and pumps are available together!  It is available in 12 sweet colours, matching the One Bad Pixel 50’s style dress

Dancing shoes @ Slink

I have a new release at Slink today, a pair of elegant slippers for dancers.

like the last release, these are an addon for the Slink womens Natural barefeet, and do not include the feet.  So no need for re-tinting, re-fitting or messing about with them at all, simply wear and go!

These shiny slippers come in 11 beautiful colours

New Sandals for Natural Barefeet @ Slink today

I have just put these cute summer sandals on the floor at Slink.  They come in 11 colours and are the perfect addition to your Slink Womens Natural Barefeet.

These sandals are an addon product for the Slink rigged mesh barefeet.  They are not suitable for wearing alone, or with feet from any other brand.  The barefeet are not included.

Mens natural (rigged) barefeet now available at Slink!

I have just put these on the wall of the Slink Mainstore, right up next to the ladies feet 🙂


This set includes 2 HUDS to select skintone, one for smooth feet and one for feet with a few little manly hairy patches on the toes! 🙂  It also includes a HUD to tint your nails to a perfect match.

Please pop down and try on the free demo to see how these great feet work!

Standard disclaimer – these feet are mesh, and require a compatible viewer.

They cannot be resized or moved, so I have included 5 size options and information about these sizes in the demo and product boxes.

In order to properly match these feet, your basic and atmospheric shaders need to be on and supported by your video card.

Slinky satin dress @ Slink!

My latest mesh release is now available at Slink!

Gorgeous, floor length satin bias cut gown with a sexy draped cowl back available in 8 delicious colours for just $299 each!  A free *watermarked* demo is now available.

*Usual disclaimer – this is a mesh product and you must be using a mesh compatible viewer to use it.  This product is rigged to the SL skeleton and cannot be resized or moved on the avatar.  5 sizes and custom fittings are available, please see the enclosed notecards.*

New Mesh hair at Slink today!

This is my first foray into mesh hair and I think it is very pretty!

It is a simple self secured low ponytail, teased high at the crown and swept elegantly to the sides at the forehead.

Available now at Slink in many, many beautiful colours, as well as a fatpack, and 2 colour options packs!

* This mesh style is rigged, and therefore moves with your avatar.  It cannot be separately resized or moved.  This style resizes with the head size only.  Settings like brow depth, egg head, head stretch etc will not affect the shape and size of this style and may need to be adjusted.

New boots @ Slink today

I have just now put out these sweet long boots called Relax.

There are 9 lovely wintry colours, and they are available now at Slink for $575 per colour.  Please try on the free demo, as this is a mesh product and therefore not compatible with all viewers!

These boots are not rigged, and are resizable globally and in 2 directions via the HUD.

Slink @ Collabor88!

I am happy to participate in Collabor88 this month!  My contribution is this lovely soft wool coat, currently available in grey with a striking pink and black leather belt.

Click here to Teleport to Collabor88

This is a mesh creation, and as such requires a mesh compatible viewer to wear!  This coat is only 88L while it is included in the Collabor88 event, and comes in the 5 sizes of the Standard Sizing system.

New mesh Dress Pants for ladies!

I’m taking it a bit easy this week, while I recover from a minor operation.  That of course means I either sit at my PC playing in Blender and Zbrush (as usual), or go out of my mind with boredom infront of the television… I chose the former!  So I made these 😀  Now available at Slink

**Standard disclaimer – these are mesh, they require a mesh capable viewer ie: will not work with Phoenix or Imprudence.  They are designed to fit the standard size system as outlined here…***

Of course, if a system is developed that will allow these to fit to your avatar without needing to change your sliders, they will be updated.

Slink mesh feet


After many, many months of work, prototypes, testing, and more than a few requests, I have finally released my latest feet creations at the Slink Mainstore.

These are skinned to the SL avatar and work naturally with your movements.  I have taken a lot of care to ensure that the ankle movement is smooth and works very well with many different poses.  As they are skinned, you cannot edit the size using a resize script, however, I have provided 5 standard sizes, instructions, slider settings and custom fitting information with them for a perfect fit!  They will fit female avatars of *any* height.

These also use my new Ankle Blender system on both tattoo and sock layers for a perfect match.  Simply match up the Blender layer to your skin, enter the RGB into the HUD, select the corresponding skin texture on the HUD and presto, perfectly matching feet!  You can see a video of this process Here

If/when a system becomes available that these feet can be adjusted to the avatar sliders instead of the other way around, of course they will be updated!


Also available is a new range of static mesh feet, using the lovely versatility of mesh to eliminate ugly toe seams and texture mismatch, reducing lag and texture and sculpty load times.  These feet do not move with your ankle bones, instead locked in place with an animation and script as my feet have been previously, but the upside is that you can adjust the size, and finetune/position them to the best possible fit without having to adjust your leg sliders 😀  Something for everyone!

Both these styles come with a new HUD, and a nail tinting HUD for the perfect nail colour.