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Shoetopia special!

The opening of Shoetopia has been an incredible success and we at Slink would like to celebrate, but we need your help!!

Over the coming ten days I will be running three polls on my blog to allow you to vote on the colours you want to see my latest styles of shoe made into, and at the conclusion of Shoetopia , anyone who bought any of the three new Slink shoes at Shoetopia will receive the most popular voted colour as a special gift from me.

In addition, I will make my own favourite colour choice and add both the most popular colour AND my favourite colour to the multipacks!  If you buy the Demi Boots in Blush – the Soles for Souls donation item – you will receive both my favourite AND the most voted for colour in Demi, for being awesome! 😀

Polls layers

Here’s how it works:

  • If you bought one or more colours of a shoe: You receive the winning new colour for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought one or more colours of more than one shoe: You receive the winning new colour for each of the shoes you bought for free!
  • If you bought a fatpack of a shoe: You receive both the winning new colour and my personal pick for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought more than one fatpack: You receive both new colours for each of the shoes you bought a fatpack of for free!
  • If you bought one fatpack and a single colour of another shoe: You receive both new colours for the shoe you got a fatpack of, and the winning new colour for the other shoe, for free!
  • If you bought the donation item (Demi boot in blush): You receive both new colours of the Demi boot for free!

After shoetopia, the two new colours for each style will become part of the ranges offered in the Slink Mainstore and will be full price.

Slink @ Shoetopia

Shoetopia is finally upon us! It’s been a long wait but oh, so worth it. It’s a beautiful, airy, easy to navigate build and it will take your breath away!

Slink has a strong presence at Shoetopia this year, with a major sponsor booth and many brands participating with Slink addons! It’s something else!

I have released (finally) the sky high version of my Slink Avatar Enhancement feet.

F High Feet Vendor

These are the same as the Flat and Medium feet in terms of features, but has a dangerously high heel for those stilletos that I know you have been missing!

To complement these lovelies, I have created 3 distinctive styles of shoe for them

Slink - Demi - Black

Demi is a sleek sexy stiletto boot with a sharp metallic pointed toe and criss-cross straps running up the outside of the leg.  The toecap is optional, and the boots can be worn without for a cute open toe option.  These boots feature a very sexy window into the inner sole, an often ignored, but very nice part of the foot!

Slink - Demi - Blush Pink EXCLUSIVE

Blush pink in the Demi range is the 100% donation item for Soles for Souls.

Slink - Hera Wrap - Black

Hera is a sinewy metallic wrap heel with velvet insole and dangerously slim stiletto

Slink - Priscilla Plateau - Red

Priscilla is a high suede plateau with contrasting straps and a thin as a whisper ankle strap and stiletto heel.

Demos for all these styles can be found in the Shoetopia Demo group (use inworld search) so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home!

Slink is on Shoetopia 1 – when you land, look around for Theadora!!


Update – Mens Aussie Thongs

With the recent update of the mens feet to the Av Enhancement version, the Aussie Thongs I released last year no longer fit, so I have updated them!  Head on down to Slink and check the redelivery terminal for your update!

The Glitter Peeps Addon is now available @ Slink

I have put up the Glitter Peeptoes Addon for the Slink Medium rigged feet and the Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet.

Glitter Addon Ad

If you bought these previously with feet in them, you can hit up the update board with the display to get the addon update free. If you bought on the Marketplace, or your purchase is not listed in the updates, drop me a NOTECARD so I can send them to you directly.

Introducing the Slink Avatar Enhancement System!

The Slink Avatar Enhancement System has just gone live.  This is an update to the Slink mesh hands and feet (and perhaps in the future, other similarly compatible body basics) that allows SL’s amazing skin and clothing makers to provide HUDs to use with their skins and stockings for a perfect match with one single click!

The update is now available at Slink  The update is available through the redelivery terminal for those of you who own the Slink mesh natural and medium womens feet, and the womens mesh hands! 🙂

There is more information about these hands and feet on the customer support page

The updated hands have 4 different nail length and style options, and anyone can apply for a personal kit to create their own compatible nail textures for the hands and feet!!  More information about the Developers Kits can be found here.

I hope you enjoy this update!  New shoes are coming soon for these feet 😀

Sexy new heels @ Slink

I have just popped these up at Slink

These come in 11 great colours with a HUD to change your strap and heel textures to a black, brown or matching option.  the multipack has a HUD to control all of the options separately, so you can have pink shoes with black straps and a red heel if you so fancy.  The multipack also includes a bonus Zebra textured shoe (ONLY in the multipack)

Mesh Exotix feet

A lot of people have requested the Exotix feet since I retired them a few weeks ago, which has honestly surprised me, so I have just put up the rigged mesh version of these feet at the Slink Mainstore.

Studded Booties @ Slink today

Hey all, I have just put these fierce Studded Booties on the wall at Slink

They are a sky high platform sole, with a killer metal stiletto heel and dotted with metal studs.  They have a hidden zip on the inner side.  They come in 8 great colours.  These boots are unrigged mesh, one size fits all, no feet required, no resizer, no scripts.  Pop over and grab the demo today!

I have a great new release out at Vintage Fair for the next couple of weeks!

This is a new foot style, rigged and available in 5 standard sizes.  The Vintage 2-Strap Pumps are an addon shoe and for the duration of the Vintage Fair, both feet and pumps are available together!  It is available in 12 sweet colours, matching the One Bad Pixel 50’s style dress

Mens natural (rigged) barefeet now available at Slink!

I have just put these on the wall of the Slink Mainstore, right up next to the ladies feet 🙂


This set includes 2 HUDS to select skintone, one for smooth feet and one for feet with a few little manly hairy patches on the toes! 🙂  It also includes a HUD to tint your nails to a perfect match.

Please pop down and try on the free demo to see how these great feet work!

Standard disclaimer – these feet are mesh, and require a compatible viewer.

They cannot be resized or moved, so I have included 5 size options and information about these sizes in the demo and product boxes.

In order to properly match these feet, your basic and atmospheric shaders need to be on and supported by your video card.