Slink West Group Advertising Rules

The Slink West Group is for promoting NEW Releases of Slink Compatible items


  • Items must be advertised with proper Slink compatible information if your items are Bakes on Mesh only you must include that they are Slink Redux compatible.
  • You may only post ONE notice per 7 days (between Monday & Sunday), containing NEW releases only. Not promotions of events or store marketing, not sales, not reminders of last weeks release, not just Landmarks to your store.
  • Your notice must contain a NOTECARD with images of your new release and a landmark/URL to your store
  • Your notice must be for Slink compatible releases – this means appliers made using Slink HUD scripts, fitted mesh made using the Slink Physique kits, shoes made using Slink feet mesh kits.
    • Appliers using HUD systems that are not including Slink scripting  may not be advertised in SlinkWest  (These products have their own groups you can use to advertise)
  • Your notice must be Suitable for all audiences. If your notice contains content that depicts violence, sexual or other adult content your posting privileges will be removed. If Moderate of nature please include a warning of that fact in your notecard so that those not wishing to do so will not open the picture.


Please contact Slink Resident in world for an invitation


*If you have any questions regarding this page, please contact Slink Resident in world. You can also join the group as an interested customer for receiving notices by searching Slink West in Groups, or pasting secondlife:///app/group/a65f4ae7-af66-15e7-618f-287c0f5cbb9f/about into inworld open chat and clicking the link.


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