Slink West Chat Rules

Slink West Join Group


Slink West Group chat has been opened! We wanted to be able to open up the ability to get Slink Applier and Compatible items assistance, so it is a Slink Group not a Slink Store Group.

Slink West Group – secondlife:///app/group/a65f4ae7-af66-15e7-618f-287c0f5cbb9f/about  (copy and paste in open chat and click to join from chat history)

The group will consist of Store release announcements, as well as chat. These notices are by approved content creators only. If you wish to send notices in the Slink West Group you can apply HERE.


NO Spam – You cannot send information on content, or releases in group chat.

NO Rudeness – If you are rude to a content creator or another member of the group you will be removed and banned from the group.

No Disrespecting Content – If you do not like an item keep it to yourself. The group is for all Slink compatible creators to send notices in, and a safe and secure place for them to do so.

No Discussions about other body parts by other stores – The only situation where this is acceptable is if someone is asking if it is a Slink compatible item. We understand people wear other brands, and we embrace that, but this is the Slink West group, so we appreciate it being kept about Slink/Compatible items.

YES you can discuss Slink items & Slink compatible items – always respectfully, if you have a complaint about a product or are in need of customer support, you must contact the store directly, in the case of Slink store items contact Slink Resident.

YES you can share information on content if requested in chat – If someone wants to know of a great place to find ______  (Slink compatible items ) and you know the answer, you can let them know.

We want the group to be fun and informative, so we hope you will join us and also enjoy the new and improved Slink West Sim…you are always welcome to visit, to enjoy the space and have fun on location.

SlinkWest Resident and Slink Resident are the only two accounts in Group chat that have the powers to do anything with the group, if you have an issue that you feel needs addressing please contact Slink Resident, with a detailed note-card of what has occurred.

Slink compatible content creators are also important roles in the group, if a content creator asks the group to end a discussion that may be getting out of hand, then please do so.

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