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Please don’t post support questions in this blog, I will never get them!!  Please contact us through the following contact form!


Slink was first established in 2007 by Siddean Munro as a one woman enterprise making handpainted skins and clothing, and has progressed and evolved along with Second Life and Linden Lab since. We have moved through the sculpty era and now provide high quality 3D mesh products for Second Life Residents.  Despite the growth of Slink over the last few years, all artwork is still created solely by Siddean Munro!

Introducing the Slink Team!

These are the people behind the products that you will find at Slink.  We are all dedicated to providing you with the best experience with our products that you would expect!

Siddean Avatar

Siddean Munro is the artist behind Slink.  She will mostly be found afk in her skybox, probably in busy mode, tabbed out in Zbrush where she is creating articles of clothing, hair, footwear or anything else that you find at Slink!  Everything you find in Slink is hand sculpted and textured by Siddean.  She can be a little snippy before she’s had her morning coffee!

In her real life, Siddean works fulltime in Second Life.  She has one husband, 2 cats, a couple of fish and an Axolotl!  She’s a self identified geek, loves gaming – whether it be video games or board games, drawing, reading about art and cooking, and has a wonderful supportive network of friends and family. Her nephews and niece are her favourite small persons in the world!  She hates cleaning with a passion and only does it when she’s spitting mad!  She doesn’t like repeating herself.

Slink Avvie SM

Slink Resident or just Slink!  She is the main Customer Service Representative and Public Relations avatar for the brand Slink. She helps Siddean clear up time to be creative instead of administrative! 🙂 Her email address is, please don’t hesitate to contact her if you need assistance with any Slink product!  She’s very friendly and knows Slink products about as well as Siddean does!  She is available 20-25 hours a week for customer support and can help with everything from answering product questions to foot and hand tinting and redeliveries or sorting out issues with credit. She’s Siddean’s right hand woman!  Please don’t expect an instant response from either Siddean or Slink, we’re on Down Under time.

Caine Thumb

Caine does not perform customer service. Please direct your query to Slink Resident or the Slink Official Customer Support portal via the contact form above.

Caine Munro is the brains behind most of the Slink Script systems, in particular the OmniHUD, the blog and Siddean’s customer database.  Caine’s hard work and ability to understand complex mathematics and which axis is *up* is what makes many Slink products possible.

In his real life, Caine is a programmer.

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