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Slink Physique Body Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Below are some common questions people have regarding Slink bodies. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact Slink Resident in world and she’ll sort you right out!


Q. Can I wear my own shape with your body?

A. Yes you can. The body is fitted mesh so it will move with your shape sliders. It is however a completely different mesh model than the sl avatar, so while you may look one way with your shape, you will vary with the body on. You can make adjustments as you see fit, to get it closer if you feel it changes too much. You can do this while trying the DEMO.

Q. Can I wear my own skin with the body?

A. The body only works with skin appliers, either the ones included or 3rd party appliers created by other stores. There is a list here, or you can search your favourite skin store as we may not have added them – if you find any that haven’t been added feel free to let Slink Resident know. There is a free personal hud in our store if you created your own skin and wish to use it.

Q. Is there any way to keep my skin but still wear the body, even if they don’t make appliers?

A. You can try other skin creators if yours doesn’t make physique appliers, sometimes you can be lucky to find skins very similar in tone that may work to your liking, but always Demo first. We also include neck blender tattoo layers that may help with blending the body to your head, so that it tricks the eye if not identical.


Q. Do I have to have a mesh head to wear the Slink Body?

A. No you do not, the body is made to line up with the Sl default avatar head, so you can keep your own face/head and wear the body. The demo provided has all the alphas you need to wear with whatever option you choose.

Q. Will the body work with my mesh head?

A. If the head you wear is a Slink head then yes, definitely. If it is a head by another creator you will need to check with the demo to make sure it lines up to your satisfaction. Heads will say they are slink compatible, if the creators have made them to be so. But you should always demo to be 100% sure.

Q. Do I have to have slink hands and feet to wear the body?

A. The bodies are made to work with the hands and feet made by Slink, we have provided other alpha options in the package, so that in the case of wearing items that do not need feet at all, or clothing clipping at the hands area, you can remove hands or feet, and still have the ability to alpha out what you need to.

Q. I have other feet and hands, can I wear those?

A. It will depend on the feet or hands. If they have been made to work with the Slink body then that should not be a problem. Try the Demo of the body with your hands and feet on to be sure. Skin matching may be a little tricky when mixing styles, so be sure you are able to use appliers on both, if not all Slink.

Q. I have on my Slink hands and feet but I see gaps, what size do I need to wear?

A. The hands and feet size you need to use are PHYS on both hands and feet for females it is the upper most button on the Hands and Feet Utilities HUD. The male feet include a Physique pair to wear, and the hands are the proper size straight out of the bag. Make sure you update (use redelivery to do so) if you find that they do not fit, or you do not have the sizes explained.

Q. I have on the body, hands and feet but I see weird rings around my wrists, what do I do to get rid of them?

A. There are many alpha options with the body. If you are wearing hands and feet make sure you do not have on any alphas from those folders and just wear one alpha from the body folder. If you have on hands, feet and body wear the one called Slink Physique Alpha (for Default SL head) if you have on hands, feet, body and Visage head  wear the one called  Slink Physique Alpha (for Visage) . The others are for various combinations of no hands no feet worn etc.

Q. I cannot get the underwear off that comes with the body, how do I do that?

A. Look in your folder for the Utilities hud for the bodies, and turn off the underwear layers.

Q. I want to wear appliers I bought, I click the buttons but nothing is happening, how does it work?

A. Once you have the body on, and alphas etc, you need to use the body hud that comes with the body to control the different parts of the body. You have tattoo, underwear and clothes layers to choose from. So if your appliers are for pants and a long sleeve shirt, turn on those layers in the clothing layers section.

Q. When I click on the Clear FX button to remove my clothing nothing happens, what am I doing wrong ?

A. You are not doing anything wrong, but the Clear FX buttons are not to remove applier clothing. They are to remove specular/normals FX that creators may add to their clothing for a more realistic look, such as zippers looking to have proper teeth, or leather to have little bumps etc. If that layer is on an applier, it will not vanish when you change clothes, so that is when you use Clear FX.

Q. I have on a shirt and shorts and a tattoo but my tattoo isn’t appearing, I know I turned it on, what can I do to fix it?

A. There is an SL bug that causes layers to vanish if wearing more than one. We have included Alpha Mask buttons on our hud that will help with that issue. When wearing layers, you use the mask that is for the upper layer. Example : When wearing underwear and tattoo you turn on the UNDIES Alpha Mask button. When wearing Pants, shirt and bra use the CLOTHES Alpha Mask button.

Due to this being a ‘fix’ for a bug, there are issues that can still arise. If the clothing you are trying to mask is sheer or lace, it will not mask properly and will look all broken up (see next question)

Q. I have put on a set of Lingerie and it is all messed up, what can I do?

A. If the lingerie is sheer or lace, check to see if any of your alpha masks buttons are turned on and turn them off, if they do not appear on, toggle them anyway to be sure. The effect that causes looks like you have had paint splattered all over you.

Q. Can I use any applier with the body ?

A. You can use appliers that are created for the Slink Physique body. Or you can use Omega appliers that you will need an Omega/Slink relay for, it is available or at Omega headquarters.

Q. I have on mesh clothes and my body is poking through, I already used the alpha cut outs, what can I do?

A. If you have used the alpha options on the hud, and you still see parts poking through, please first check you have your system layer alpha on, and it didn’t come off, as it may be your default skin poking through. If that is not the case, then try going up a size in the mesh clothing. If the item is not actually made for the body, it may not always fit. A lot of items do fit if you were already standard sizing and the store has standard sizes, but shapes of clothing varies. Always DEMO.

Q. I make lots of outfits and I cannot save the alpha options I use for each outfit, can’t you make that happen?

A. We have made that possible with updates, so please go to the store and get your update delivered from our Redelivery Terminal. We are very excited about this feature as it makes it much easier to get dressed.

Q. I love my Slink body and I want to send you boxes of chocolates and flowers, how can I do that?

A. While we love when people love our products, there is not enough realism to chocolate in SL that would make us as happy as you just IMing Siddean Munro or Slink Resident and just saying you love it 🙂


For any customer service needs, you can feel free to contact Slink Resident at anytime and leave a detailed IM or notecard and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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