Slink Physique – Adult Add-ons

The stores listed in this page provide Adult content add-ons compatible with Slink Physique body parts, such as breasts, bottoms, genitalia, piercings that have been fitted and rigged to the bodies.
If you do not have the ability to visit Adult Regions or View Adult content on Marketplace you will need to set that in your preferences in Second Life Ctrl P General tab, providing you are 18+. This is a guide to content created by 3rd party Slink compatible creators, the adult nature of the content is not controlled by Slink.

Virtual Artworks (Vaw)

Code 5


Session Skins

Little Fish

Succubus Milk



Tam’s Trousseau

Artificial Hallucination


Black One




If you are a creator of Slink compatible content and do not appear on our Compatible pages, please contact Slink Resident in world, thank you.

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