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Slink hands Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Below are some common questions people have regarding Slink hands. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact Slink Resident in world and she’ll sort you right out!


Q. I have a Gap between my hands and arm, how do I fix it?

A. There is a notecard included with your hands that has all the slider numbers needed for the perfect join. The only two sliders needed to adjust are torso muscle and body fat. Try the different wrist options first to be sure you have the one that fits closest, and then adjust for that size.

Q. I only see one pair of hands in the folder, where are the sizes?

A. All sizes are now accessible using the hand and feet utilities hud that comes with the items. The wrist sizes are located under the nail length options on the left side of the hud.

Q. My hands look too small/big what can I do?

A. The hands do change sizes when editing appearance hand size. This is not the join at the wrist, but the actual hand size itself. A good size option is around the 20 mark, but it will be personal preference.

Q. I wear a mesh body, my hands don’t fit, what can I do?

A. Our hands are made to fit the SL default avatar or the Slink Physique body. There are also other stores that have made their mesh bodies Slink Compatible. If your body is not slink compatible you will need to contact the creator and see if they are planning to do one, or may need to adjust your shape and find what is an acceptable match for you.

Q. My hands seem darker than the rest of my body, how do I fix it?

A. Please go to your preferences and the graphics tab, and make sure your basic shaders and atmospheric shaders are turned on, that may help with that. If not also click on the Reset to White option on your Utilities hud as it may be a tint you have from a previous matching.

Q. I matched my hands and I see a line, what do I do?

A. If you used appliers, adjust your sun in your windlight settings, or use a more neutral windlight such as Nam’s Optimal skin and prim, Ana Lu Studio 5 or just create your own that works for you. If you have manually matched your skin, make sure that you are wearing the matching blender layer and that you have tinted it identically to the RGB you tinted to your hands if you did so.

Q. What are skin appliers?

A. Skin appliers are created by the skin creator, and transfer the skin texture onto your Slink hands and feet at the click of a button on their hud. This will give you a seamless match to your skin, no need for tinting or blenders. So always check if the skin store you wear has them before attempting to manually match.

Q. I bought your hands and I do not know how to match my skin?

A. First thing to do is check if the creator of your skin makes Slink appliers. If so then you can purchase those and get a seamless match. If not, look in your feet folder for the Omni Hud V6 and use that or the Alternative skins Hud pack to find your match. If you are still having difficulties you can refer to our website for some we have already matched and helpful Tutorials 1 & , or contact Slink Resident.

Q. Are there any other sizes than the 6 you have now?

A. Our items are made using the female or male standard sizing, plus a PHYS to fit our bodies on the female huds….at this time those are the only sizes we have available. There is a notecard with measurements information that shows what parts of your body you need to adjust for the perfect fit based on size you wish to wear.

Q. I see writing on my hands when I log in.

A. If you have our body, you should use that HUD to control all parts of your hands, feet and body. The body hud overrides the hands and feet huds. The only need for the hands and feet utilities hud is if you have deluxe feet and need the height options, or you wish to use the nail polishes. Tattoos, Gloves, Skin features, all accessed by the body hud. If you turn off a layer on the hand hud that is on on the body hud, next time you log in it will be back, so you must use the body hud only.

Q. I have tattoos for my hands and I don’t see them when I click on the hud, how do I fix this?

A. You have to first turn on the layers for your tattoos using the Utilities hud. Once on you will see what you have already applied, or will need to apply if you have not already.

Q. When I turn on the tattoo layers my hands turn white, what do I do?

A. We have changed the default layer for those, so that would mean you have an older set of hands on, go to the store and update using the Redelivery terminal. It was the default layer for the previous version, and it was just indicating that those layers were on, you then need to us a tattoo appliers hud from a 3rd party creator for those items to appear.

Q. I have bought gloves and when I apply I do not see them, what can I do?

A. Please turn on the Glove layer on the hands & feet Utilities hud, once you turn on gloves your nails will also disappear so that they do not float over gloves – no one wants that – but if your gloves are fingerless you can turn your nails back on with the same hud.

Q. I did that and I still do not see my gloves, what now?

A. Previously our hands only had a tattoo layer, so the gloves made before our v2 update will be on the tattoo layers instead, so activate those and try again. If they still do not apply please contact the creator of the appliers.

Q. Some dances and animations make my hands push through my clothing, what fixes that?

A. There is no fix for that if the items of clothing are rigged mesh, and not made to move with the wrist it will happen. We have now added a no wrist option to our hands and feet utilities hud, so you can turn them off and see if that helps with any clipping that a long top may cause.

Q. My other alphas come off when I wear your hand alpha, what can I do?

A. To wear more than one alpha at a time (you get up to 5 alpha slots) you must right click and ADD the alpha you want to add to your avatar. Using wear option will remove the one already worn and replace it, so always use ADD if wanting to keep your existing on.

Q. I’m already using my 5 slots but bought hands and feet, how can I wear them all?

A. We have included the textures that we used to create our alphas. You can use those to create an extra alpha layer that combines all that is needed if other alphas you have are modify or you have them as textures also. We also include a hands and feet combined alpha if you wear both.

Q. I am not able to wear scripted items on my RP sim, or like having less scripts in general. How do I remove them from your hands?

A. There is a delete scripts HUD free in the store

Q. I want to add my own textures to my hands but I don’t have a store, what can I do?

A. We have a personal hud available for free in our store, you can use that as long as your textures are full perms. In the event that you do look into opening a store in the future, you will find more information here.


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