Slink Group Chat Rules

Slink Group Chat Rules

  1. This group is for help for Slink store customers. You can ask questions here, but if you require customer service, please contact Slink Resident in the first instance.
  2. Group chat topic is Slink. Please stay on topic. You can discuss other creators and products, but:- (see 3)
  3. Bad-mouthing of other SL designers or brands or spreading rumours will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be doing this will be removed.
  4. No spam or advertising. This means posting links to events, store locations etc without being asked. If someone asks for specific items, you may post links if you know of something that may suit their needs.
  5. Avatars that post spam or phishing links will be removed without warning.
  6. Be aware this group has a large number of people in it who are potentially seeing everything you say, therefore:-
  7. Please be civil, friendly and helpful while chatting in this group. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!
  8. Group chat moderators are Gryphon Ronas, Morsmordre Furman and Vianne Bellic. These are volunteer group chat helpers only, not customer service. If you require customer service, contact Slink Resident.
  9. Group owners are Siddean Munro and Caine Munro.
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