Slink Group Chat Rules

Slink Customer Service and Group Chat guidelines

  • The people who work officially as Slink Customer Service are Slink Resident, and myself – Siddean Munro – as a backup. I am also the owner and main creator of the Slink Product range. We can be contacted through online/offline IM or notecard. When contacting us, a picture can really us to help you! You can also use our Contact Form for offline help.
  • Slinkwest and SlinkDeveloper are peripheral accounts that are used for other administrative purposes and you may see them occasionally. They are not primary customer service contacts.
  • Slink Resident is the #1 contact person when you need help with Slink products, redelivery, lessons etc.
  • Caine Munro is my husband and code wrangler and does not provide customer service.
  • We have all online and offline messages shared, and a case management database. You will generally receive a response well within 24 hours of making a request.
  • You are more than welcome to ask for general advice or product recommendations in the Slink group chat and if you know the answer, you are more than welcome to respond. Please keep jokey answers to serious questions to a minimum and always be respectful of other group members. If you don’t know, the best answer is always “Contact Slink Resident” 🙂
  • Harassment or abuse of myself, Caine, Slink Resident, Slink group members or visitors to the Slink store is not tolerated.
  • Bashing other SL creators is not tolerated. You may discuss but please remember keep it civil.


Group chat is a great way to build and foster a wonderful community and I really love having you guys around to chat with as sometimes the life of an SL creator can be a very lonely one. I appreciate all of your support and humour! 🙂

♥ Siddean

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