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Slink feet Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Below are some common questions people have regarding Slink feet. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please contact Slink Resident in world and she’ll sort you right out!

Q. I have a Gap on the side of my foot, what can I do to fix it?

A. Please go to Edit Appearance Legs tab and change your knee angle to 50

Q. I have a gap at the back of my feet and ankle, what can I do to fix it?

A. Your feet need to sit just under your leg, so if you see a gap please try the next size down, or refer to the sizing instructions notecard in the feet folder and see if there are any adjustments you need to make.

Q. I only see one pair of feet in the folder, where are the sizes?

A. All sizes are now accessable using the hand and feet utilities hud that comes with the items. The ankle sizes are located under the stocking options on the right side of the hud.

Q. I am sinking into the ground, what do I do?

A. Check that you have on the shoe base (brown shoe icon) that comes with your feet, alternatively if your shoes also have one, that is the one needed as they may have adjusted the height on it to be higher than the ground. If you have that on and you are still in the ground, go to Edit Appearance, and adjust your hover (at the bottom of the first tab) for High feet it can sometimes need to be 51 for higher platform type shoes.

Q. My feet seem darker than the rest of my body, can I fix it?

A. Please go to your preferences and the graphics tab, and make sure your basic shaders and atmospheric shaders are turned on, that may help with that. If not also click on the Reset to White option on your Utilities hud as it may be a tint you have from a previous matching.

Q. I matched my feet and I see a line, what do I do?

A. If you used appliers, adjust your sun in your windlight settings, or use a more neutral windlight such as Nam’s Optimal skin and prim, Ana Lu Studio 5 or just create your own that works for you. If you have manually matched your skin, make sure that you are wearing the matching blender layer and that you have tinted it identically to the RGB you tinted to your feet if you did so.

Q. What are skin appliers?

A. Skin appliers are created by the skin creator, and transfer the skin texture onto your Slink hands and feet at the click of a button on their hud. This will give you a seamless match to your skin, no need for tinting or blenders. So always check if the skin store you wear has them before attempting to manually match.


Q. I bought your feet and I do not know how to match my skin?

A. First thing to do is check if the creator of your skin makes Slink appliers. If so then you can purchase those and get a seamless match. If not, look in your feet folder for the Omni Hud V6 and use that or the Alternative skins Hud pack to find your match. If you are still having difficulties you can refer to our website for some we have already matched and helpful Tutorials 1 & , or contact Slink Resident.


Q. Are there any other sizes than the 6 you have now?

A. Our items are made using the female or male standard sizing, plus a PHYS option for our bodies for Females… at this time those are the only sizes we have available. There is a notecard with measurements information that shows what parts of your body you need to adjust for the perfect fit based on size you wish to wear.

Q. Can I wear any shoes with the feet I have?

A. You can only wear shoes that are created for the Slink feet. You also need to be sure that the shoes are made for the feet type you own. You cannot wear shoes made for a high foot with mid feet , or flat feet with mid shoes etc. Each store as well as Slink should have very clear signage that states which Slink feet are compatible with which shoes. You should also always DEMO any item, so that you can be certain of your follow up purchase.

Q. I have tattoos for my feet and I don’t see them when I click on the hud, how do I fix this?

A. You have to first turn on the layers for your tattoos using the Utilities hud. Once on you will see what you have already applied, or will need to apply if you have not already.

Q. I have stockings/socks for my feet and I don’t see them when I click on the hud, how do I fix this?

A. You have to first turn on the layers for your stockings/socks using the Utilities hud. Once on you will see what you have already applied, or will need to apply if you have not already.

Q. When I turn on the stocking or tattoo layers my feet turn white, what do I do?

A. We have changed the default layer for those, so that would mean you have an older set of feet on, go to the store and update using the Redelivery terminal. It was the default layer for the previous version, and it was just indicating that those layers were on, you then need to us a stocking or tattoo appliers from a 3rd party creator for those items to appear in place of the white.

Q. My ankles move a lot when I dance or sit in some poses, why is that?

A. The feet are rigged mesh, they are made to move with your natural movements. Older animations may have exaggerated these movements in the past because the avatar was unable to move as smoothly. Your ankles are meant to move, so that proper animations and movement can occur as intended. There is a free ankle lock in our store near the feet, that you can use in these situations but it is not recommended to be worn full time, as it will inhibit all movement from the knees down, and will stop you from experiencing the natural effect of many ao’s, dances and animations in seating and laying down poses. It can also cover up any clipping of shoes not correctly rigged for our feet, so be sure to remove it when trying DEMOS.

Q. When I move my shoes cut into my feet, what can I do to fix it?

A. Our feet are rigged at the ankles, so if shoes are made with straps or parts that are covering or above the ankles they will need to be rigged the same way. If they are not you will need to contact whomever you purchased the shoes from

Q. My other alphas come off when I wear your feet alpha, what can I do?

A. To wear more than one alpha at a time (you get up to 5 alpha slots) you must right click and ADD the alpha you want to add to your avatar. Using wear option will remove the one already worn and replace it, so always use ADD if wanting to keep your existing on.

Q. I’m already using my 5 slots but bought hands and feet, how can I wear them all?

A. We have included the textures that we used to create our alphas. You can use those to create an extra alpha layer that combines all that is needed if other alphas you have are modify or you have them as textures also.

Q. I am not able to wear scripted items on my RP sim, or like having less scripts in general. How do I remove them from your feet?

A. This function is not available at this time.


Q. I want to add my own textures to my feet but I don’t have a store, what can I do?

A. We have a personal hud available for free in our store, you can use that as long as your textures are full perms. In the event that you do look into opening a store in the future, you will find more information here.


For any customer service needs, you can feel free to contact Slink Resident at anytime and leave a detailed IM or notecard and she will get back to you as soon as possible.


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