Slink Redux Body complexity questions

Avatar complexity is a hot topic in SL circles at the moment, with Bakes on Mesh giving us the opportunity to drastically reduce our complexity by removing scripts, applier textures and onion layers from our mesh body bits! Here at Slink, the rendering cost of our bodies is an important issue, as the lower we can make it, the more our customers can do with their avatars without worrying about pushing their complexity way up simply by wearing our body bits. Higher complexity avatars make SL more challenging for everyone.

To that end, we work very hard to optimise, reduce and rethink when we have the opportunity to, and Bakes on Mesh gave us that chance. This is why we didn’t simply add a Bakes on Mesh flag to our existing body parts, and instead spent a very long time making sure this version was as streamlined and efficient as possible, without compromising on the actual look, functionality and usability of the system. It is also why we won’t be adding alpha cuts back into the Redux system and instead ask wearers to use alpha layers.

I would like to present the avatar complexity cost as calculated by the Second Life Official viewer for all of the Slink Redux body updates. I also put on one of our new heads for good measure!



1: The system body. I am wearing a couple of HUDs but no body attachments. Base complexity is 2000



2: The Slink Redux ORIGINAL Physique body. This body alone adds 2608 complexity to the base 2000.


Orig Bundle

3: The Slink Redux ORIGINAL Physique BUNDLE. This bundle includes 5 sets of feet and hands, plus animations, and adds 4270 to the base 2000 complexity



4: The Slink Redux HOURGLASS Physique body. This body alone adds 2862 complexity to the base 2000.


HG Bundle

5: The Slink Redux HOURGLASS Physique BUNDLE. This bundle includes 5 sets of feet and hands, plus animations, and adds 4398 to the base 2000 complexity


HG Body hands

6: The Slink Redux HOURGLASS body plus left and right dynamic hands attachments. This adds more mesh geometry, more faces and more scripts. This set adds 5732 to the base 2000 complexity


hg body hands and feet

7: The Slink Redux HOURGLASS body plus left and right dynamic hands attachments and the deluxe feet attachment. This adds even more mesh geometry, more faces and yet more scripts. This set adds 7702 to the base 2000 complexity


head HG hands feet

7: The Slink Redux HOURGLASS body plus left and right dynamic hands attachments and the deluxe feet attachment PLUS one of the new Slink Visage heads – Amelia. This full set adds 10351 to the base 2000 complexity


Head HG Bundle

8: The ideal Slink body and head setup. Slink Redux HOURGLASS bundle, Slink Redux Amelia head. This full setup adds 7047 to the base 2000 complexity.

Final thoughts

The maximum complexity from a complete Slink body system including separate body, hands and feet, body and head is just over 12k.

Adding more layers to Redux does not affect complexity, which is the whole point of Bakes on Mesh. The new layer texture is baked into the layers underneath it, and then sent to the mesh body part so that the SL client can see it as one single texture.Β  Slink Redux (without materials) will always be rendering 3 1024 textures as head, torso and legs, as opposed to potentially upwards of 20 textures if all 4 layers are on and displaying 1024 textures on the previous version – the Physique Classic. With Redux, you can wear up to 60 or more layers without increasing your complexity by even a single digit.

If you have questions about this please feel free to message me inworld @ Siddean Munro, and I will be happy to answer them!


Updated and New Heads @ Slink

I am pleased to finally announce new heads @ Slink this week! These are the first heads we have released in 4 years, due to various technical limitations and other things needing our focus, but the recent Bakes on Mesh release in Second Life has significantly increased our available time for new content! So here they are, the first in what will hopefully be many, of the Slink Visage Redux Range. More details about these heads will follow the pictures below.

Taxi to Slink

Slink Emma Poster

First up we have Emma. Emma is an update to the original Emma released a few years ago. She is fully Bento ready and uses Bakes on Mesh for skins and makeup. If you previously purchased Emma, you will find this update in the redelivery terminals.

Slink Becky Poster

Next up is cute little Becky. Like Emma, she is an update to the previous version of Becky, and also available in the redelivery terminals.

Taxi to Slink

Slink Jacquie Poster

Sweet Jacquie is new to the Visage range. She is a soft, youthful face with a slightly melancholy lilt about her eyes. Of course she is fully Bento animated and you can adjust her shape with your face sliders. She uses Bakes on Mesh for her textures.

Slink Amelia Poster

Gorgeous Amelia is up next. She is a more angular face with strong cheekbones and square jaw. Again, Amelia is fully Bento and Bakes on Mesh compatible.

Slink Ashlynn Poster

Last but not least in the female faces is Ashlynn. Ashlynn has a beautiful aquiline nose and strong jaw. She is probably my favourite of all the ladies!

Taxi to Slink

Slink Anderson Poster

And not to leave out the men, we have Anderson. You could cut glass with those cheekbones!

Hud Snapshot

Taxi to Slink

All Slink Visage heads are fully seamless with Slink Physique bodies. Just wear and go! Full working demos are available! Please try before you buy πŸ™‚

The Visage Utilities HUD has been redesigned along the same theme as the Physique Utilities HUD for the Redux system. On the HUD you will find options for eyelashes, tinting panels for lashes, HD Lipgloss, skin and specular, as well as our animation system.

The animations include an idle that can run all the time in the background, a series of static poses for photography purposes, and a series of chat emotes. You can see what the chat emotes are and how they work by clicking the ? next to “emotes on” to bring up the emotes help panel.

Each pack comes with skins, brows and shapes for you to get started with.

These heads do not come with mesh eyes. You can use your system eyes, or use your own mesh eyes if you choose.

You must remove your full head alpha layer in order to see the Visage Redux heads properly.

Please note – these heads do NOT use appliers for skin, only system layers. Materials (bump and shine) are still handled by appliers and both Slink and Omega appliers will work for this. If using Omega, wear the included Omega Bridge and install the Slink Omega kit from the Omega marketplace store.


Introducing Slink Redux! Bakes on Mesh @ Slink

I am so excited to announce that we are finally able to release our huge body parts update to bring Bakes on Mesh to Slink.

We have been working on this update for well over a year now and have really been looking forward to this day when we can show you what we’ve been working on and how this update improves our products now and going forward.

Teleport to Slink for Updates!


Demonstrating layering of tattoos and makeup on unreleased BOM compatible Slink Visage head, Jacquie, with a beautiful 2013 skin from Glance.

First up – what the heck is Bakes on Mesh?

I have created a little FAQ for this very question which I will update as people ask questions while they are exploring the new body bits. You can read it here: Slink Bakes on Mesh and Redux FAQ

In short – Bakes on Mesh is a Linden Lab project that is designed to let us access the baked system texture worn by the default SL avatar, and send it to our mesh bodies. This means that Redux is a true system body replacement now – instead of needing to use appliers and scripts to texture your body parts it’s as simple as wearing a system layer.

Linden Lab have increased the resolution of the baked texture from 512 to 1024, and DOUBLED the number of layers we are able to wear all at once so the options are.. well unlimited.

Teleport to Slink for Updates!

I have created a tutorial video to show you through the new HUD and the new features and changes we have made to the Slink body system with this update.

Bakes on Mesh is currently available on the Official Second Life viewer, with 3rd party viewers to follow as they get their code updated.

But I hear you asking – “but what about the current body and all those appliers I have purchased or made over the last few years??” They aren’t going anywhere! The current body has been labelled “Classic” and you will find it packed along with the Redux update as a separate unpacker option. We have decided to leave a significant amount of time before we even consider removing it from the pack, to give people a chance to adjust and make the transition at their own pace. And even then, everything “Classic” will continue to work for as long as you want it to.

However having said that, we do recommend that you give Redux a try. It’s super easy to use, and there is already a ton of content that will work with it, both old and new. If you are a creator, there is no need to give your textures away! All you will need to do is turn them into system layers after you upload them, the way we used to do only a few years ago before mesh bodies were ever a thing. (It was only late 2014, for those who are curious)

Teleport to Slink for Updates!

Point of note – for those who care about reducing their avatar rendering cost – the Classic version of the Physique Original body, Dynamic Hands and Deluxe feet had an ARC of nearly 16k. Still low when you think about the fact that some mesh items run in the hundreds of thousands ARC, however, the new Redux bundle all in one attachment that includes hands and feet?Β  Around 3600 ARC. That’s a substantial reduction and worth upgrading for! Almost feels like wearing nothing at all!

Stupid Sexy Flanders

I mentioned above how this will improve our products going forward. Well, removing all the extraneous layers, extra sizes that will never be used, consolidating the body geometry down into 2 pieces from 27 and removing all of the alpha zone cuts significantly reduces my overhead in maintaining and updating all of that content, as well as that of my scripter as he has completely overhauled the underlying script system and streamlined it all to make it much more efficient and consistent across all body parts. This opens us both up to spending less time doing body updates and more time creating new content, which is what we both really love doing. And boy do we have plans!! First out of the gate though – Updates for Emma and Becky to both Bento and BOM, and then new heads. After that.. well it’s a secret for now πŸ˜‰

Teleport to Slink for Updates!

Slink @ Hair Fair 2019


This year Slink is at HairFair 2019. I have not done hair in a really long time but I’ve really enjoyed getting back to my roots – no pun intended! πŸ˜€ I have tweaked my textures, added several more cool dyes and neon highlight colours, and created a fun new HUD that lets you dye your hairstyles by zone. Want black hair and bright pink bangs? It’s yours! Dark Blonde with white streaks? Go for it! Want to be a Lorikeet with pink and blue and green and yellow? My friends, you can do it! The hairstyles at Hairfair 2019 have a number of colour zones, and I have included a handy guide for each style so you can see which is which when you wear the style and change the colours.

I am also doing away with individual colour packs and fancy combinations of colours. You get every single colour with a simple single purchase of $450L, including the near endless colour combinations.

The best part? 30% of every single sale in the Slink booth at Hairfair 2019 will be donated to Wigs for Kids. You can read more about them here: Wigs for Kids

Taxi to the Blonde Sim at Hairfair 2019

Slink Imogen Poster

Taxi to the Blonde Sim at Hairfair 2019Slink Millie Poster

Taxi to the Blonde Sim at Hairfair 2019Slink Nora Poster

Taxi to the Blonde Sim at Hairfair 2019Slink Catherine Poster

Taxi to the Blonde Sim at Hairfair 2019



Slink @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Slink Denim Booty Shorts Main

Slink - Booty Shorts HUD

Slink is a Sponsor of the 4th Annual Mesh Body Addicts Fair . For our exclusive item (available in the store after the event)Β  I have released these Denim Booty Shorts in six colours with six belt colour options. You can purchase in single colours with belt HUD included, or the multipack of all colours and belts. The shorts include Physique Original and Physique Hourglass sizes. A demo is available in our booth.

TP to Mesh Body Addicts Fair

Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2018

Slink @ Uber Summer Lovin’

Slink is a guest of the lovely Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice at this month’s round of UBER. The theme is Summer Lovin’ so while shivering in the Australian winter, I made this sexy little strappy Bikini for you!

Athena is available now in 16 colours and 6 multipack extra patterns to match with Baiastices’s Olympia gladiator heels which Sissy has also released this month. She is made exclusively for the Slink Physique Original and Hourglass bodies, and their Petite Augments.

Athena Bikini Main.png


SL Project Viewer – Bakes on Mesh

Linden Lab have done something really good with this latest update, and there are a few things I want to talk about to try and answer some of the questions and concerns I have seen around the SL social sphere over the last few days.

Bakes on Mesh – what is it?

Bakes on Mesh is a project viewer currently available here: SL Project Viewer, Bakes on Mesh

The project will allow us to set our mesh bodies, hands, heads and feet to display the textures that are worn on the SL avatar’s system layers. This means skins, tattoos, underwear, clothing, and alpha layers can all be used on a mesh avatar that has been set up for Bakes on Mesh.

Siddean in TULI

The project is still in development, and I imagine it will be for a little while, but LL has surprised us with fast releases of feature updates before, so Slink is getting ready for it now.

There’s been a bit of confusion and misinformation spreading around about this project. In general people seem to be very excited about it, and those who truly understand what it means for our avatars are *really* excited about it!

Some dot points below, to hopefully answer some questions, as far as I know it!

  • System skin layers, tattoo layers, clothing layers and alpha layers all work. The mesh needs to be flagged by it’s creator, and properly setup for alpha layers to work as intended.
  • Hands and feet alone will not be possible without some changes on LL’s end. There is no way to hide the hands and feet by themselves, and make the system legs appear. The way the flagging works makes the entire lower body and upper body disappear when a flagged mesh is worn.
  • You do not need a full body alpha to wear a Bakes on Mesh flagged mesh. If the flag is present when you wear the mesh, the body section it is flagged for disappears. eg: if you have a lower body mesh, the entire SL avvie lower body will disappear when you turn on the Bakes on Mesh flag.
  • There is still a need for appliers for nailpolishes, specular maps and normal maps.
  • Multiple layers in a body mesh or head mesh are no longer necessary with a couple of cavats:
    • The old symmetrical arms and feet have come back to haunt us. That means those of us who have been offering asymmetrical tattoos for the last x years have to find a workaround that allows people to still have that function. For now, that means appliers.
    • stockings do not wrap around toes, therefore a separate stocking layer will be required – again this means appliers.
  • Heads should be the simplest thing to adapt to. We can wear 62 layers, which should be more then enough for you to wear many layers of freckles, moles, eyebrows, lipstick, tattoos, hairbases etc.
  • You organise what goes on top of what through your outfit editor, not through applier layers.
  • Alpha layers means that we no longer need to split our mesh bodies up into multiple little pieces with 8 material faces, and try to read the minds of mesh clothing creators to make a set of alpha cuts that doesn’t leave bits of bodies sticking out where they shouldn’t. The alpha is back in the hands of the clothing creator, and should be made alongside the clothing, and worn as you would wear any alpha layer. Provided the body is setup properly, this will just.. work.
  • Mesh clothing creators no longer need to mess about with auto alpha scripts! (yay)
  • Outfit creation is a lot easier
  • Changing mesh body parts is also a lot easier provided both bodies are setup for bakes on mesh. The body takes whatever you’re wearing on your system body and you’re done! No more digging around for your favourite skin and makeup appliers every time you wish to change heads.
  • You should not need a special HUD to activate this feature. This is a free update that LL are doing for us, and creators need to setup their mesh body parts to take advantage of it.
  • This should cut down a lot on extra polygons, textures that glitch and take up a bunch of system resources and script usage in mesh body parts as the parts that handle appliers and alpha cuts are all taken care of in this project.
  • In the meantime – keep your appliers, as they will continue to work on your current body parts, but you should expect to be keeping system layers for the future as well.
  • Mesh clothing creators should look into making alpha layers if they don’t already (some do, but due to differences between the system body geometry and mesh body geometry, some alterations may need to be made)
  • Skinners, makeup artists and clothing creators who make clothing for appliers should look into putting their creations onto system layers if they don’t already.
  • If a mesh head or body part doesn’t conform to the system avatar UV – that’s ok. Skinmakers who have made head textures could make a version specifically to fit that head, if necessary.

We are so, so excited about this update – we need to talk to the people at Linden Lab about a few little changes that won’t affect the end user, but could make a big impact on those of us who create these things for you, but as it is now, it’s so much fun to play with and think about and plan for! We have some great plans going forward to use this feature to it’s fullest advantage, and hopefully make the lives of our creators, and our customers (and ourselves!) very much easier.

Feel free to contact me (Siddean) if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer as much as I am able!


Slink @ Skin Fair 2018

Big update for you today! Lots of things have been happening at Slink while we’ve been so quiet πŸ™‚ We have been working hard to release an update to the Physique Female bodies, as well as the Physique Female HUD. Alongside this, we have a cool new body augment exclusively at Skin Fair 2018!

First – the new release!

Slink - Petite Pack Augment

This Augment is specially designed for the less endowed among us. It reduces the overall size of the breasts on the Physique bodies, and allows them to be reduced to almost flat, should that be what you desire! There is one that is perfectly compatible with Physique Original, and one that is perfectly compatible with Physique Hourglass. When you wear one of these augments with your body, it will cause the chest of your body to disappear, and then it will act as if it was always there, listening to the commands of the Physique female HUD, and all existing and new appliers for both Slink and Omega. (you will have to wear your Omega HUD to activate it)

When the augment is detached, the body goes back to it’s regular state.

The Petite Augment is available at Skin Fair 2018. It will be available at Slink once Skin Fair ends.

Now onto the update:

The Petite augment required an update to the Physique female bodies, to allow it to do what it needs to do, so you need to ensure that you are wearing Original 3.05 or higher, Hourglass 2.05 or higher, and the Physique Utilities HUD 4.0 or higher.
Wearing the petite augment with earlier versions of the body and HUD will result in errors and it won’t work properly.

You can get the updates from the redelivery terminals in the store.

What has been updated today?

  • Slink Physique Hourglass and Original Body
    • Fixed a glitch on the left arm tattoo layer
    • Tweaked a few seams here and there.
    • Updated the scripts inside to make compatible with Petite Augment
    • Updated the Physique Utilities HUD to:
      • Β Add a tab to control your hands and feet including the Deluxe feet and Dynamic Hands. So now you can do all that from one HUD rather than wearing the Hands and Feet Utilities HUD along with your Physique HUD.
      • Reorganise the tabs so they are put away above your screen, rather than to the left of the screen. This means you can put the red S anywhere at the top of your screen instead of just at the top left corner
      • Reset the default glossiness setting to 75 instead of 51 when applying the skin sheen. The effect is still subtle, but hopefully a little less subtle than before πŸ™‚
HUD Hands and Feet

The new Hands and Feet control tab on the Physique HUD


  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Single and Deluxe Feet
    • Fixed a glitch on the tattoo layer of the Pointe feet
    • Updated the scripts to allow the feet and ankles to be individually turned off and on – applies to both Deluxe and Single feet
    • Updated the Hands and Feet Utilities HUD to include buttons to toggle on and off Hands, and Feet.

What’s next for Slink?

In our hurry to get the update done for skin fair, a few things were pushed down in our to-do lists. The next things on the list are updating the creator kits for these new augments, and updating the Mens Physique HUD to integrate the Hands and Feet control.

As for what happens after that? Don’t lose your heads! πŸ˜‰


SALE & Body Bundles INFO

Slink End of Year Sale Image

β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ SALE β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ

I am having a sale at Slink from now until December 31st. Most Slink items in the store are discounted by 25%. (Does not include 1 Bad Pixel, or the new body bundles). Read below for Bundles info.

Don’t forget you can pick up giftcards in the console in the centre hallway as you walk into the store πŸ™‚

Now at Slink Mainstore

For any assistant please contact Slink Resident

Demos are available for all items in the store.

β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ BUNDLES β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ

We have Bundled our Female and Male bodyparts into package at a discounted price ongoing.

Female Bundles : 2800L Each

Physique Hourglass Body Bundle

Slink - Physique Hourglass Bundle Physique Hourglass Body, Dynamic Hands – Bento Compatible (including idle animation and stiletto nails), Deluxe feet.


Physique Original Body Bundle


Slink - Physique Original Bundle

Physique Original Body, Dynamic Hands (including idle animation and stiletto nails), Deluxe feet

Male Body Bundle – 2250L

Slink - Physique Male Body Bundle

Physique Male Body, Dynamic Hands – Bento Compatible (including idle animation and stiletto nails), Male Feet.


Please join our FREE group secondlife:///app/group/54faa901-6fa3-3cfb-56cc-e57788b9508a/about for information on all things Slink as well as to earn 10% store credit while shopping with your group tag on.
Because of the limits to groups, we also give 5% store credit to non group members.

Slink @ Shoetopia 2017

I am excited to be participating again in this round of Shoetopia, this time as a sponsor alongside some great SL cobblers! Shoes are my first love, before body parts, before hair, before anything else, there were always shoes. Making these was like immersing myself in a warm, scented bath, comfortable and soothing and something I really should be doing more often!

For this round, I present the Bond Girls – Tatiana, Natalya and Xenia!

Slink - Tatiana - Fatpack (1)

Tatiana is a sweet, sexy kitten heel style with a strappy flair around the ankle. She is perfect for these late summer and autumn days when the air is still warm with a hint of freshness. Or, for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, as the days are starting to really heat up, Tatiana is perfect for keeping cool in comfort and style!

Slink - Natalya - Fatpack

Natalya is your quintessential “boardroom to bedroom” style of heel. High enough to be extremely sexy, not too high to wear all day. Natalya is as at home in a power suit as she is in a little black dress. In perfect suede with a metal accent on the heel, Natalya is a very versatile style for every woman.Xenia - Fatpack Options

Xenia is the primadonna of shoes. She is all flair and flounce and definitely not in the “sensible shoe” category. At a height not for the faint of heart, with a bold decorative t-bar, Xenia is a real head turner.

We at Slink have spent the last few weeks re-imagining our HUD, and have come up with a very neat system that gives us a lot of versatility, and in turn gives you a lot of versatility! Each of these beauties in the single colour variant comes with a HUD that allows you to select your sole and metal options where they apply, and the Multipack variant comes with a HUD that allows you to select all sorts of options! You can mix and match to your hearts content with the Multipacks.

Here is a little video I made of the HUD in action!

All three of these ladies will be available in the upcoming round of Shoetopia, starting on September 25th and running through to October the 9th. TaxiΒ