Slink Update – Margot Slippers with Cinnamon & Chai fit included

Slink - Margot Update Poster Cinnamon & Chai inc

The Margot Slippers have been updated to now include Cinnamon & Chai fit, with and without straps. Gorgeous ballet slippers that can be worn in all five heights, flat, kitten, mid, high and pointe, creating stunning visuals. If you previously owned this product you can use Redelivery terminals in either store, or purchase them in the Slink Mainstore. Demos available.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Siren Heels Update now includes Cinnamon & Chai

Siren Heels @ Slink

With the launch of the NEW Cinnamon & Chai body by Siddean Munro, we have started updating items that we have enjoyed and know you have too. The Siren heels come in either leather or glitter version packs or can be purchased as single colours. They are available in the Slink Mainstore, and now include Slink and Cinnamon & Chai fits.

You can obtain an update by visiting either store and using the redelivery terminals. The system is across both brands, so if you have any store credit you can use it in either.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Slink Iridescence Eyes – Skin Fair 2021 exclusive.

Greetings my lovely Slinkies! I have something cool for you this week. I have released for Skin Fair 2021 a set of Unisex Bakes on Mesh eyes with some pretty darn nice effects built in! Clicky the pics below for a closer look

These eyes are handpainted by me and come in (currently) 7 different varieties, with 5 shades per pack. They are high resolution system layer eyes and each set comes with a high resolution Bakes on Mesh and materials enabled multi layer mesh eye. The mesh eyes can be worn with the included system eyes, or any system eyes available in Second Life.

These eyes have a couple of very cool features aside from their highly detailed handpainted textures. They come with 7 separate “catchlight” tattoo layers that can be worn independantly of the eyes, and layered, and the mesh eyes come with an “Iridescence HUD” which allows you to change the colour and level of shine seen on the irises themselves for some very nice effects.

Here is a link to the little tutorial on YouTube which goes through all the information you need to work with these eyes.

Demos are available in the Slink Mainstore, and you can get the full product exclusively at Skin Fair until March 29th.








You can get lost in those puplis!

Demos are available in the Slink Mainstore, and you can get the full product exclusively at Skin Fair until March 29th.





new @ Slink this week, 2 heads for men, and facial hair.

Now at Slink. Meet Marcus and Ethan. The brothers of Miranda and Emma! These heads have been converted to suit wearing with a male body, and slightly more masculine features while maintaining the individual personalities of their female counterparts. They are seamless with the Slink Physique Male body, and the SL default body with the body fat setting at 0. All Slink Visage heads are Bakes on Mesh ready and easy to wear and use.

These heads are available now at the Slink Mainstore. Fully working demos are available to try before purchase.

We have also released this week a selection of facial hair options for men (or ladies, we don’t judge!) They are on the wall with the mens heads! Demos also available 🙂 These facial hairs are available in all colours to match the included hairbases and eyebrows with the Slink Visage mens heads.

Get yours now @ Slink!

An update today @ Slink – The Drape Halter

I made this cute, sexy little dress a few years ago, pre Petite Augments, and I thought for this month’s Itty Bitty Titty Committee, why not update it to include the Petite fit?

Short, plunging neckline, low back, sleeveless and halter. What better way to show off your beautiful figure!? Now with Petite and Alpha layer for Redux 🙂 You can pick it up at the ITBC event, or get your update from the Slink Redelivery Terminals if you owned this dress previously.

While you are at Slink, check out my most recent release as well!

The V-Plunge @ Slink

Take the plunge at Slink in this daring lowcut figure-hugging dress – the V-Plunge. The neckline is so low you will definitely need some Hollywood tape to keep it in place! The backline similarly so, with a stark contrast band to emphasise your curves! She is also on the Slink Marketplace store!

Also at Slink today, after their time at the IBTC event, the Gala Wrap top and the Catriona split leather skirt. Made exclusively for all Slink Physique Original and Hourglass, and Original and Hourglass Petites as always!

Full demos available! Come and try them on today @Slink!

Grow with Slink on Instagram – Second Level Reached!

Slink is excited to announce that our Second Level has been reached in our Grow with Slink instagram promotion. You can find all of the information at the post for this promotion here. Congratulations to all that have won this level, and now moving onto the next, the previous name submissions are all included in the draws, so if you already input your name and did not win this round, you still have the potential to win in Level Three.

If you already own our Slink Physique Bundles following can still help others win, so follow for friends, let friends know it is happening etc. Offer expires December 2022.

If you have any questions please IM Slink Resident in world.

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More groups on the sidebar of this website, so you can keep up to date with not only Slink releases but also those of our extended Slink Family 3rd party creators.

Gala and Catriona – Slink@ the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event!

Did you know that Slink Physique Original and Hourglass bodies have had a tiny breast option since early 2018? Indeed they have! She is called Petite, and Slink launched her at Skin Fair, March 2018.

This augment comes in both Slink Classic and Slink Redux versions, to suit whichever body you personally prefer, and she’s been available all along in the Slink Mainstore! You just wear with the matching body, and the Petite behaves as if it was always part of the base body!

Today at the new Itty Bitty Titty Committee event, I have released the Gala Wrap top and her sister, the Catriona skirt in complementing colours!

Gala comes in all fitting options for Slink female bodies – Physique Original and Hourglass, Original and Hourglass Petite, and 12 pretty, understated, Fall colours.

Catriona comes in Physique Original and Hourglass fitting, and 12 colours to go with Gala.

I also have some of my recent releases for Physique up at the IBTC event stall – all available in petite fittings of course, and new shiny vendors to show off how pretty they are! 🙂

Hop on over to the IBTC event and see what other lovelies you can find! Gala and Catriona will be available in the Slink Mainstore from the 21st of August. 🙂

♥ Siddean

Skylar – but solids! now @ Slink

I loved this set so much I decided to release it in solid colours! These can be mixed and matched with each other, or with the stripy set, or with a pair of skimpy denim shorty-shorts! Now available at Slink and on the Slink Marketplace store.

A figure hugging, bodycon, highwaisted skirt and a cheeky peek-a-boo crop top, in 12 cute summery colours, and the pack of all is just 2.5x the price of a single colour! Compatible with Slink Physique Original and Hourglass, and their Petites! Get yours now at Slink.

While you are there have a look at the demo for the most recent release, Skylar in Stripes! She is also on the Marketplace!

Skylar-Stripes-MP Main Image

Skylar is now @ Slink

Modeled by Siddean and Rachelle

Our cute as a button Skylar has been celebrating the 17th birthday of her favourite hangout, Second Life, for the last 2 weeks! Somewhere in the wee hours of last night, she stumbled home and caught a few zzz’s. Skylar, with her high-waisted, comfy jersey skirt, and eyebrow-raising peekaboo crop-top has now made an appearance in the Slink Mainstore, freshened up with brand new textures, new material maps, and 4 new colours, as well as the option to pick up a single colour, if that’s what you want. You can get all 12 super cute stripes, for our usual 2.5x the single price!

While you are there, check out Leila! She is right next door to Skylar and is definitely one you don’t want to miss!

Modeled by Siddean and Rachelle

Now available at Slink.