Slink Avatar Enhancement – Guide to OmniHUD

Welcome to the Slink OmniHUD

If your skin comes with appliers, you need not go any further. Simply wear the skin applier HUD, apply it and your hands and feet will match.

Check here for Appliers Check here for Male Skin Appliers

We recommend that you use appliers wherever they are available for the best results in the largest variety of lighting settings.

If your skin does NOT have appliers, you will need to manually match it, as per the below instructions:

Video Tutorial


When you first wear the HUD, it will open to the first page.

Hud Start Here

This is where you will select whether your avatar skins is regular human toned, or fantasy toned.  Regular skintones range between pale pink to very dark brown. If this is you, select the Human Panel.

Information Sign IIf you selected “Fantasy” type, scroll to the end of this page!

You will also find on the main tab a link to the video tutorial, a link to this page if you need a reminder, and an email address with which you can contact the Slink team for assistance if you need it.

Please have a go at using the HUD to match your hands or feet before you contact us! 🙂

Note: this HUD is ONLY for skin matching.  Changing nail length, tattoo and stocking visibility and nail polishes are The Utilities HUD

When you select the Human avatar type, you will be directed to the following page.

Hud Select BaseAt first use there will be no green hand, since you haven’t yet selected a skin.  When you do, the green hand will move to indicate where you have selected.

Information Sign IHuman skin isn’t flat brown or flat pink. We have a large range of colours throughout the “human” spectrum.  Human skin has an undertone that shows through on the upper surface and defines whether you have a yellowish skintone or a pinkish skintone, or even in some cases, a bluish skintone.  SL avatar skins are no different.  So, I’ve created 4 sets of textures that have a yellow base or a red base to try and provide as many matches as possible without tinting. They are available on the main OmniHUD, and also on a set of Alternative HUDs, which are packaged in your feet and hands folders, and available in the Slink Mainstore.

The purpose of this page is to determine what undertone your skin has.  Click the buttons provided until you are happy with the selection. If it looks too yellow, select the red side, and vice versa.

Click next to continue.

You will be directed to one of these pages.

Hud RedDepending on whether you clicked a skin tone on the red or yellow skin side, you will be sent to either the red base or the yellow base page.  The green hand indicator will be sitting over the skin number you selected on the previous page.  If it’s not already a match, click either side of the hand to change the skin selection on your hands.  It doesn’t have to be an absolutely perfect match, close enough is more than good enough. 

Information Sign II find when matching skins it helps to move your camera away from the body part in question and look at the overall effect with the avatar. Our avatar skins are quite varied, and if your match is too light, or too yellow, compared to the avatar when viewed as a whole it won’t be quite right. – Siddean

Once you are happy that the skin you’ve selected matches your avatar, click next.

You will be directed to the final steps page.

 Hud Final Stepa

 On this page, in the little white box, will be displayed the number of the skin you selected. DO NOT CLICK THIS BOX, IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING!!

I have provided blenders in tattoo layers, gloves for hands and socks for feet, for your convenience. They are packed in their own bags within the hands and feet folders – called “Slink … Blender Layers UNPACK ME – R” or “Slink … Blender Layers UNPACK ME – Y”.  Please find the one that matches the number displayed in the box and wear it.  With no more work, your skin should now match your Avatar Enhancement body part!  The biggest advantage of doing it this way, aside from no colour tinting required, is that they look great in high AND low graphics settings.

If you don’t find your match, you can use the Alternative Skins HUDs which are packed in your feet or hands folders. These huds contain a brighter and duller version of each skintone in the main OmniHUD and may have just what you need for your exact skin match.

Warning – The next steps are for people who are familiar and comfortable with using a colour palette to find a skin match.  If you are not comfortable and need assistance, please contact support at

If you find that you cannot get a perfect match using the textures provided on this HUD, you may need to tint one of the textures to suit.  Get as close as you can to your skintone using the textures, a shade or 2 lighter. Then click the little grey gear as indicated.

You will be directed to the following page.  Hud Tinting page


Here you can tint your hands or feet using the colour palette to perfectly match your skin. If you already have a close match, it may be a case of adding a little darker brown to your tint and you will be done!  Once you have the perfect match for your body parts, click the HUD where it says Click Here and your RGB value will be chatted to you to put into the matching blender layer (displayed on this page within the black box to the left)

If you mess up and want to start again, you can reset the colour of your hands/feet to white using the Reset to White button. If you want to switch from a manual skin match with tint to an applier you MUST reset your skin tint to white. You can do this from the OmniHUD, or from the Hands and Feet Utilities HUD.

For your information, your current texture selection is also displayed on this page!

Information Sign I Warning: If you change the tint using this page, and you navigate to another page in the HUD before you are finished, the black circle indicators will reset to the default position of 255,255,255.

If you already know your RGB value, you can enter it directly into the hands or feet – while wearing the OmniHUD by typing into local chat

/13 skin 000,000,000

where 000,000,000 = your RGB numbers. I do not recommend using this method to tint from white, because SL lights prims and the avatar differently and you can end up with strange lighting glitches.

Instructions for tinting the blender layer can be found here.


If you pressed Fantasy type on the first panel, you will be directed to the following page.

Hud Fantasy Steps

Here you can select from one of 2 grey skin textures, and have access to the colour palette to find the perfect shade for your attachments.  There are corresponding blender layers for each of these textures in the folder.  Use the blue link on this page to get your RGB once you are satisfied, so you can tint your blender layer!

A tutorial to tint the blender layer you are wearing to match your tinted hands or feet is here.

8 thoughts on “Slink Avatar Enhancement – Guide to OmniHUD

  1. […] The SLink OmniHUD v5 has changed and is very different from previous versions – The HUD has changed and tinting has become much easier. Siddean has put a detailed guide with full pictures and instructions to the HUD on the SLink blog. I absolutely encourage everyone to read this page thoroughly because it’s extremely helpful. She also has a very helpful step-by-step youtube video which I will embed at the bottom of this post. […]

  2. Mireille from Cesoirarts September 21, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    Thank you for the extensive guidance, Siddean. I want to match as well as possible, and I like having options as to how to accomplish that for these lovely avi enhancements.

  3. A king with no crown | Virtual Bloke October 14, 2013 at 7:32 AM

    […] the new Slink HUD is pretty damn amazing at that; check out Siddean Munro’s tutorial video or this page on the Slink blog to see how easy it is) but boy, am I glad I didn’t have to edit the awful […]

  4. Anonymous November 1, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    Is there a way to feed an RGB value into the hud? I was trying out the demo on my non-human alt and I think I found a good match but I don’t fancy trying to select that color again in the hud. It’s also nice to just be able to grab the color from a screenshot.

  5. Pussycat Catnap November 4, 2013 at 5:14 AM

    Is the ability to just type in a chosen RGB value in the tinting stage gone?

  6. Siddean December 12, 2013 at 12:02 AM

    No, I’ll never remove this option. 🙂 The command is and always will be /13 skin r,g,b substituting in your red, green and blue values.

  7. Siddean December 12, 2013 at 12:05 AM

    the current RGB value of the feet (not including the texture) is displayed by the OmniHUD v5 using the “Click Here” link on the gear tab.

  8. Pussycat Catnap December 18, 2013 at 3:24 AM

    Oh thank goodness. Now I can go back and refine the guesses I’d made with the buttons. 🙂

    Was having a heck of a time getting the flat feet the same color as the heels. 🙂

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