Fruk Manual Matching

When using the manual settings, the two different HUDs have different codes.

Omni Hud v5 : 

R = Red

Y = Yellow

G = Grey (light or dark)

Alternative Skins Huds ( free in the mainstore near the demos) :

SR = Saturated Red

SY = Saturated Yellow

DSR = Desaturated Red

DSY = Desaturated Yellow

When you need to tint the feet/hands, just copy and paste the /13 skin R,G,B code into chat in world, and your hands or feet will change colour.

Then use the same numbers to tint the blender layer when wearing the number that matches the code supplied.

example: hands – DSR 12 /13 skin 154,124,132   wear blender DSR 12 and tint it with 154,124,132 in the RGB panels in edit mode see our tutorial for help.

Important – If you are wearing feet and hands at the same time, and the tint is different for either one, remove the ones that don’t need tinting before you put into chat, as it will tint everything at once.

Jeremy :

Tone 1 :

Hands – DSR8

Feet –  DSR12

Tone 2 :

Hands – DSR9

Feet – DSR14

Tone 3 :

Hands – DSR12

Feet – R16

Tone 4 :

Hands – R15

Feet – SR19

Tone 5 :

Hands – SR17

Feet – SR21

Tone 6 :

Hands – R17

Feet – SR23



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