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Newness @ Slink!

I was having a creative crisis the other day so I thought I would make something pretty and sexy to work through it! And so here it is ūüôā A gorgeous draped halter minidress with curve hugging folds in 7 size/fit options and 10 colours! Woo! Creative crisis averted! ūüôā

Drape Dres VendorLG

Now at Slink [TAXI]

New Shoes at Slink

Someone brought the fact that I never posted this to my attention this morning! Whoooooops! Here ya go!

New at Slink, the Illona Flats. These cute little pointed suede flats have a bow detail on the toe, and are available in 6 colours (below).

Illona Main Ad

Also, as a little welcome back present to myself, I have upgraded my subscriber system and added a 7th colour of the Illona Flats as a present to you! If you have previously subscribed to my update group, I have retired that list completely, and you can pop over and hit the new panel in my store! you will see the burgundy flats pictured alongside it.

Illona Burgundy Gift



Illona Black  Illona Caramel Illona Cream Illona Red Illona WhiteIllona Blue

Siren Leather range @ Slink this week

A couple of months ago I released the very popular Siren Glitter stilettos and at the time I had a lot of requests for a leather version of this classic high pump, so here it is!  The Siren Leather Heels, featuring the sexy Slink Red embossed sole and a soft shine and texture.

Available now at the Slink Mainstore

Slink Siren Leather Main AD

Siren leather Cream

Siren Leather Red

Siren Leather Nude

Siren leather White

Siren Leather fuschia


Slink @ 21Shoe, and a group gift!

21Shoe is upon us again, and this month I have the Siren Stilettos in hot leather textures РZebra and Gold is available exclusively for the 21Shoe event Р12:01am until 11:59 pm on the 21st of May only.  Available at the Slink Mainstore now.

Siren Leather 21 Shoe Exclusive

AND I have put a sizzling Leopard version into the “Slink. Classy Gear for Classy Babes” group notice history! ¬†Only available while the group history is active! ¬†Group costs 10L to join (keeps out the spammers!) and feel free to stick around for chats, and 10% store credit when you’re wearing your tag ūüôā

Siren Leopard Group Gift

Lorelei @ Slink

I am finally catching up on blogging. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but the next post will explain why! ¬†The full range of the gorgeous Lorelei is now in the Slink mainstore for your pleasure.

lorelei nude lorelei Red lorelei Black

*And more colours*

These shoes are made for the Slink Avatar Enhancement HIGH feet, and the feet are not included.

Slink Shoetopia Special Results

During the Shoetopia Event, I ran a promotion “Shoetopia Special“. With three polls run over different days during the two week event. Each poll was to determine which new colours would be created after the event, and added to the new line of high Footwear created for the new high Feet.

As a thank you for visiting the event, and especially for buying the donation item, everyone who bought the Demi, Hera and Priscilla shoes received at least one of the new colours for free.

Here’s how it worked:

  • If you bought one or more colours of a shoe: You receive¬†the winning new colour for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought one or more colours of more than one shoe: You receive¬†the winning new colour for each of the shoes you bought for free!
  • If you bought a fatpack of a shoe: You receive¬†both the winning new colour and my personal pick for that shoe for free!
  • If you bought more than one fatpack: You receive¬†both new colours for each of the shoes you bought a fatpack of for free!
  • If you bought one fatpack and a single colour of another shoe: You receive¬†both new colours for the shoe you got a fatpack of, and the winning new colour for the other shoe, for free!
  • If you bought the donation item (Demi boot in blush): You receive both new colours of the Demi boot for free!

The Winning colours were voted upon, and a second colour selected by myself. I have now sent out the gifts, to all that purchased the new footwear from the Slink Booth at Shoetopia.

If you did not receive your gift items, and you did purchase Priscilla, Hera or Demi between the 15th and 30th of November, please contact Slink Resident in world via IM or Notecard, and your Gift can be resent.

The Winning Colours were based on Poll Winnings and Siddeans Choice.

Priscilla Plateau

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

Hera Wrap Heels

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

Demi Boots

Siddeans Choice

Siddeans Choice

Poll Winner

Poll Winner

All of the new high feet footwear as well as the new colours are now available to purchase in the Slink Mainstore. Demos are available, and they will only work with the new high Feet, also available in the store above the footwear.

Slink Mainstore

Slink on Marketplace

Third and Final Poll – Priscilla!

Vote for your favourite new colour of Priscilla here!

Polls layers Priscilla

Poll has ended – Winner Ivory! Thank you for voting ūüôā