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Recolour Promo this weekend only and UPDATED sizing options

1bp Sweater Blouse Updates to Include Cinnamon and Chai Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite

One Bad Pixel (1bp) has updated their Sweater Blouse set to now include sizing for Cinnamon & Chai, as well as Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite. The update is free if you have previously purchased these items. Not only do they come in the colour of the sweater but a HUD controls the shirts and belts for many combinations – 11 shirts, 4 belts, 2 buckle options.

Demos available in store and Marketplace

As a special promotional offer we have done two recolours of these sets in store only. Chenille in Taupe and Cable in Purple. They have been reduced for this weekend only to 75L each. HUD for shirts and options included.

These two colours will not be available after this weekend so grab them now at this great price.

Teleport to 1bp @ Slink


1bp - Recolours Promo - Sweater Blouse sets

Updates for One Bad Pixel (1bp) @ Slink Main-store


We have recently updated some of our One Bad Pixel range to now include Cinnamon & Chai sizing and recently updated the Halter tops in Satin and Glomesh to also include Slink Physique Original Petite and Slink Physique Hourglass Petite sizing. So if you have previously owned these items, you can obtain an update via redelivery in the 1bp section of the Slink Mainstore, or try the Demos. All 1bp items include Slink Physique Original and Slink Physique Hourglass sizes. More updates to come.

We have also added Cinnamon & Chai to the Slink Mainstore in the larger area at the back of the store, so you have the ease of shopping all in the one location.

Demos available free for all items.


Slink, Cinnamon & Chai and One Bad Pixel Teleport


1bp - Halter Tops - Satin and Glomesh - Updates - Slink Physique Original and Hourglass Petites and Cinnamon & Chai

One Bad Pixel - 1bp - BabyTux update Cinnamon & Chai

One Bad Pixel Damask Jeans Glomesh Halter Satin Halter Cinnamon and Chai Updates - sold separately

Slink Update – Sigourney Boots now including Cinnamon & Chai fit

Sigourney Boots - Cinnamon & Chai + Slink Updated


We have updated the Sigourney boots. These come in Slink Physique Original and Slink Physique Hourglass as well as the New Cinnamon & Chai fit. You can purchase individual colours or our very inexpensive packs.


If you previously owned this product you can use Redelivery terminals in either store, or purchase them in the Slink Mainstore. Demos available.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Slink & 1bp Wishes you all a Happy Holidays

1bp and Slink Gift Christmas 2021


Now available in the One Bad Pixel section of the Slink Mainstore. We hope you all have a very Happy Holidays.


Slink Mainstore TP

Slink Thigh High Boots – Leather or Vinyl Packs – Updated to Include Cinnamon & Chai

Slink Thigh Boots now include Cinnamon & Chai sizing


We have updated our Thigh Boots to now include the Cinnamon & Chai size. They come in either Vinyl or Leather textures as packs or single purchases in the Slink Mainstore.


If you previously owned this product you can use Redelivery terminals in either store, or purchase them in the Slink Mainstore. Demos available.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Siren Heels Update now includes Cinnamon & Chai

Siren Heels @ Slink

With the launch of the NEW Cinnamon & Chai body by Siddean Munro, we have started updating items that we have enjoyed and know you have too. The Siren heels come in either leather or glitter version packs or can be purchased as single colours. They are available in the Slink Mainstore, and now include Slink and Cinnamon & Chai fits.

You can obtain an update by visiting either store and using the redelivery terminals. The system is across both brands, so if you have any store credit you can use it in either.

Slink Mainstore TP

Cinnamon & Chai TP

Slink Iridescence Eyes – Skin Fair 2021 exclusive.

Greetings my lovely Slinkies! I have something cool for you this week. I have released for Skin Fair 2021 a set of Unisex Bakes on Mesh eyes with some pretty darn nice effects built in! Clicky the pics below for a closer look

These eyes are handpainted by me and come in (currently) 7 different varieties, with 5 shades per pack. They are high resolution system layer eyes and each set comes with a high resolution Bakes on Mesh and materials enabled multi layer mesh eye. The mesh eyes can be worn with the included system eyes, or any system eyes available in Second Life.

These eyes have a couple of very cool features aside from their highly detailed handpainted textures. They come with 7 separate “catchlight” tattoo layers that can be worn independantly of the eyes, and layered, and the mesh eyes come with an “Iridescence HUD” which allows you to change the colour and level of shine seen on the irises themselves for some very nice effects.

Here is a link to the little tutorial on YouTube which goes through all the information you need to work with these eyes.

Demos are available in the Slink Mainstore, and you can get the full product exclusively at Skin Fair until March 29th.








You can get lost in those puplis!

Demos are available in the Slink Mainstore, and you can get the full product exclusively at Skin Fair until March 29th.





Grow with Slink on Instagram – Second Level Reached!

Slink is excited to announce that our Second Level has been reached in our Grow with Slink instagram promotion. You can find all of the information at the post for this promotion here. Congratulations to all that have won this level, and now moving onto the next, the previous name submissions are all included in the draws, so if you already input your name and did not win this round, you still have the potential to win in Level Three.

If you already own our Slink Physique Bundles following can still help others win, so follow for friends, let friends know it is happening etc.

If you have any questions please IM Slink Resident in world.

Slink Mainstore

Slink Instagram

Slink Flickr

More groups on the sidebar of this website, so you can keep up to date with not only Slink releases but also those of our extended Slink Family 3rd party creators.

Grow with Slink Instagram Giveaway


Follow Slink.SL on Instagram and Comment in the promotional image for this giveaway with your SL Username.

We want to expand our online presence to now include Instagram, as we know that many of the Second Life movers and shakers are all about Social Media and this way, we get to share our stories with you. We look forward to expanding our Slink.SL Instagram with motivational views, with content from our users and whatever we feel will add a little bit more positivity to a Slink follower’s day.
We want to see our followers grow and to ensure we are paying attention down here in Slink land, we wanted to give ourselves some goals. When we reach 100 followers (Level 1.) we will give away 10 Slink Physique Body Bundles to 10 individual followers, that have followed and commented with their Second Life username. When we reach 500 followers (Level 2.) we will give away 20 Slink Physique Body Bundles to 20 individual followers and when we reach 1000 followers (Level 3.) we will give away 30 Slink Physique Body Bundles. That is 60 Slink Physique Body Bundles to win, and each winner will get to choose Body Bundle they want to receive from our collection…Physique Original, Physique Hourglass or Physique Male.

As we reach each goal we will use all Second Life usernames and followers combined up until that point to pick the winners, so if you do not win at level 1 you can still win 2 or 3. You must still be following when winners drawn. Winners will be random and selected by Slink Resident.

We look forward to growing with you, and this will be the first of many Slink in Second Life promotional endeavors.

Visit our Flickr Group pool of active and talented content creators of Slink compatible items.

Join our in-world group to keep up to date with new releases and content information it is free and earns 10% store credit when tag is worn


Slink Resident

Congratulations to our Level One reached Winners.

Level One Winners - Slink

Slink @ The Winter Shop and Hop!

We are pleased to announce that we are once again participating in the Second Life Shop and Hop event! Wear your Slink Group Tag while you’re there and you will receive 10% Slink store credit on your purchases.

We have 25% off everything in our booth at the event including the Physique Female Body bundles, the Physique Male Body Bundle, all of our new heads and a nice selection of shoes and clothing from the Slink store.

As well as that, we have 2 new releases also at 25% off, and a couple of cute little festive gifts for the ladies.

Slink Billie Poster

The Billie Sweater – cute little minidress in 18 colours, all selectable via a handy HUD! An all in one essential for the cold months! Designed for the Slink Physique Original and Hourglass bodies, with an option for Petites as well. Pair with some nice warm leggings and….

Marion Boots Poster

…the Slink Marion Boots! They are long, they are sexy, they are practical and comfy with their wedge heels! You won’t slip on the ice in these! Designed for the Slink Physique Original and Hourglass and the Slink Deluxe/Kitten feet! Billie comes in 18 colours with a HUD to change the colour of the wedge, boot, laces and zip individually for many, many combinations! While you are at the Winter Shop and Hop, you can pick up both the Billie Sweater and the Marion Boots in one purchase with the special offer pack….

Slink Marion and Billie Poster

Both styles in one pack – 18 matching colours on 2 handy huds!

Slink Billie Festive Gift

We also have a couple of gifts at the Shop and Hop! This festive version of the Billie Sweater, perfect for curling up in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa and a big pile of wrapping paper….

Slink Bauble Earrings Gift

… and if you ever wanted to wear a bauble on your ears, now is your chance! 11 colours with 2 different metal options, these earrings are sure to get you in the holiday mood!

Pop over to the Winter Shop and Hop today! While you’re there check out the other great creators also participating in the event!