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Is this your destiny?

My latest design, the sexy and saucy Destiny heels are now available at the Slink Mainstore.

These shoes come in 4 options – Solid straps and soles, transparent straps and soles, and you can turn on the transparency of the straps and soles separately, making them perfect dancer’s heels!


Due to the transparency of the straps and soles, these shoes are incompatible with invisiprims.

There are 8 colours available in this style and as usual, the demo is free and fully functional!

I created a video to help with tinting and fitting this (and similar) style – you can find it here


Update time!

Updated Sheila Thongs – now available at the Slink Mainstore

I have just updated my 2009 Sheila Flipflops for women (men, yours are still to come)  These flippys have new, pretty feet and an easy to match system using tintable tattoo layers and direct colour input!  The new ankle design means much reduced visible seams in this area and less need for jewellery to cover it up!  Though, you can still wear jewellery if it pleases you!

***Please note that this style no longer includes invisiprims, and does include a tattoo layer, so an appropriate viewer is recommended.  If you require invisiprims, please contact Siddean Munro inworld.

*Sheila now includes a black option, due to popular demand!*

For those that already own this style, I have added an updates dispenser where you can simply click on the colours you own to receive your update for free!

Slink @ Shoe Fair 2011

I have a gorgeous new release at Shoe Fair 2011, the Echo Heels.

Click the image for a larger view

Echo is my 100% donation item this year and is available exclusively at the Shoe Fair for the next 2 weeks

Taxi to the Slink booth@ Shoe Fair 2011

Thank you from me!

Thank you to all who purchased the Slink Suki Geta shoes on the 18th of March!  Your contribution helped me make a donation of $100 AUD to the Australian Red Cross for their Japan and Pacific disaster relief fund!  Not bad at all, for 40% of a single style for a single 24 hour period 😀

(disclaimer – the Suki Geta were offering a 60% group member refund for the 24 hour period 18th March.  The donation is the (rounded up) full amount of the proceeds on the Geta, once the group discount refunds were subtracted from the total value)

Tiger Heels update

Greetings!  I have updated the Tiger Heels with new scripts, faster response time, and placed the invisiprim toggle, as well as black and brown leather options buttons on the new OmniHUD v2.3

click image for larger view

If you have bought this style prior to March 27th 2011, please visit the Slink Mainstore and pick up your update.

The update delivery vendors are located on the Tiger Display and the boxes are labelled with the colours of the range.  Simply click the colour/s you own and if you are on the list, it should be sent to you!

If you are advised by the box that you are not on the update list, and you believe this to be an error, please IM me (Siddean Munro) to resolve it.