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Playing with my new corvette!

I took this pic this evening – this catsuit will be available at SLink next weekend!!  In hopefully more colours and styles than black full zip! 🙂

Suit, boots, skin and glasss by SLink.


Hair by Little Heaven, Corvette by Pro Street!  This shot is mildly post processed.

My Ruth

Alaska Metropolitan issued a challenge and normally I don’t do this sort of thing, but I have never thought Ruth ugly, just misunderstood!  She’s actually quite easy to get looking cute!  🙂

Here, Ruth wears one of my unreleased skins, the pale freckled version which really suits her shape.  The lashes are Vanity from Sin Skins, and she wears the delicious new Marie Heels from Tesla.  They are glorious and I love them to bits!!

The dress is the SLink Brocade Corset Dress with a delicate wrap to disguise those strong shoulders, and the hair is Slink’s Victoria.

I see a few people commenting about Ruth’s hands being too big, and indeed, I have been asked if Sidd’s hands are too big.  The answer is NO.  And this is one of my biggest pet peeves with so many avatars I see, both on the feeds and in world.  People, your hands are too small!!!  The hand, spread, should roughly equal the size of your face!!  Hold your hands up to your face in the mirror and see it for yourself!  Now go look at your avvie’s hands?  Are you a full-proportioned avatar with the hands of a child??  Small feet I can understand, given that shoes are made for 0 feet, but there is no excuse for small hands!

If you want to get stylised, fine, but this basic anatomy error really bothers me and I don’t really know why!  :/

/rant off

As it happens, even though her shoulders are a little broad, but hey I’ve known women like that, Ruth’s hands are just about the right size.  😀


Regarding IM’s.

So, I probably get 3 IM’s a day.  Certainly not many.  I’d hate to think what some of the big designers get daily, because mine have been capped the last couple of days.  I find this annoying, because of the aforementioned *3* a day…

If you have sent me an IM in the last day regarding anything to do with .. well anything, can you please send it to me via notecard, as chances are, I haven’t received your message, and I hate missing messages!  Bad for business 🙂

Thanks!  <3 Sidd.

Oh yeah, new boots coming soon.


There was a storm last night over my city, late, after I went to bed. I heard a roll of thunder, and hubby said “Maybe you better unplug your PC.” I heard another bit of thunder and then I got up and my PC was already off. So I unplugged it and went back to bed, where I heard another roll. Then the storm was gone and I went to sleep. There wasn’t any rain, or wild wind, no trees fell over, nothing. Today, it seems that my power supply is gone. Fizzled. Fubar. Nothing happening there at all. Hubby plugged in a spare power supply, but either it’s not powerful enough to run my rather grunty PC, or something else has fried in my PC.

So I’m screwed until I can find out what the problem is and determine whether my hard drive survived. If not, I have lost all my SL textures and I will be devastated!!! Fortunately I have this little spare machine that I can browse the net on, but the keyboard has half the letters rubbed off so it’s a bit hit and miss haha!

I’ll laugh until I know about my hard drive. And then I may or may not cry :/

The view from my new place!

I spotted this this evening when I arrived at my new location, and I thought, how nice this is!  So I decided to share it, to all my many readers :p