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And Siddean is offline :(

Hey all, I have very limited internet for the next few days while I wait for some technicians to rip up my front yard and replace some 100 year old lead wiring with some nice fast…. I dunno what they will use.  Copper?  Maybe.  Anyway, until then I am tethering on a very limited iPhone modem 3g setup thingamigy.  So, that means very, very limited time inworld, and I won’t be as fast responding to customer requests in the meantime.

Hopefully I will be back up and running as soon as possible (and not Thursday of next week 🙁 )

Please be patient with me, it’s beyond my control and I am doing the best I can with what I have.


Resolved – BeeBee boots delivery issues!

It seems that SL was having happy fun non-delivery times last night, after I released the BeeBee Boots, and of course, after I went to bed at 2am.  A few people didn’t receive the Tan boots, either from the box, or in the fatpack, which is weird, because I definitely put them in there!  Anyway.. I am resending all those who didn’t receive that item and hopefully you who bought the tan boots will be able to enjoy them as soon as possible!

All BeeBee boxes are now up to date, and working as expected at SLink 🙂

BeeBee Boots Ad

Infuriating bug!!! I need help please.

I have finally encountered that frustrating bug that plagues SL users with Nvidia cards.  I have a Geforce 7600 GT, and I recently upgraded my ram, harddrive and OS to Vista 64 bit.  Now, I know my husband loaded the latest nvidia drivers, but now I have this problem.  To a designer, this is death!!

My shoe/sock textures are visible all up the legs of the avvie, I can’t see the pants I am wearing, and o, just as an aside, my ocean floor is pitch black.  Grrrr.


Help me please!  The future of SLink is at stake…


Oh yes, I have rolled back to the Nvidia drive 175.16 but it doesn’t work.  Disabling Palletised textures and rebaking as per this Jira fixes it temporarily but I have to do this with every item I wear now.

Reminder! Vote on Jira VWR-9530


Just a quick note to vote on this Jira issue if you want to get the jagged edge at the bottom of the shirt and undershirt layers fixed!  Vote here

Please vote!!! Gap between shirt and pants layers JIRA issue.

There is a gap between the shirt and pants layer on system clothing and I finally got tired of it.  I have searched the jira and couldn’t find an open issue for this so I posted a new one!  Please go vote, cos I’d love for it to be fixed!!

JIRA issue here