Alpha Layers Info for Redux

All Slink Redux items are Bakes on Mesh, meaning that when it comes to hiding parts of your body, your hands, feet or head, you will need to use Second Life System Layers. I have included a snippet of information for that from the FAQ page below, as well as the Tutorial Videos on how to create your own.

Important Info

If you have worn an alpha layer, and you do not see the effects, check your Redux Utilities HUD and the Mask Sliders and make sure they are not on Zero/0. Zero means they are completely off, so the alpha will not show. The Mask Sliders are for extra give in the alpha if created with a blur.

Please Note: If an alpha layer is created for Slink Redux system it will be blurred in PS or Gimp and that will allow for the use of our Alpha Mask Sliders on the Redux Hud. Using those sliders will give a little more leeway in expanding or contracting the alpha. If the alpha has no blur it will not do that. You can take an already created alpha texture if you have it full perms out of world and add your own blur if desired.


We include alphas in the Redux folders, for basic needs, tshirt, jeans, boots etc. We also have an ever expanding Free package in the store near the body bundles that are additional random alpha layers and the textures are included so you can combine with others ( you can only combine with upper and lower, you cannot combine two of the same area in world).


Below is also a list of Marketplace listings we have found that provide other variations of alphas from their use in the past, to some being created for current Bakes on Mesh usage. I am only including Free or 1L items, and I will update when possible.



Extra Alpha Layers @ SlinkTP – Free (copy/mod layers – full perms textures)

Seren’S 36 Alphas for Boots – MarketplaceFree (Full Permissions layers/textures)

LBD BOM/System Alpha Layers – Marketplace1L (free in store) (Full Permissions layers/textures)

Alpha Layers for Redux Bakes on Mesh/Bom (named for Redux will work on anything that uses system layers)- MarketplaceFree (Copy/Mod Layers)



Info from FAQ

How do I alpha my body now that Redux doesn’t have alpha zones on a HUD?

Redux works with alpha layers, just like the system body does. All you need to do to hide your body is to wear an appropriate alpha layer! If you don’t have one for the mesh clothing you are wearing, you can use one from the Basic Alpha Layers set and adjust the edges via the Physique Redux Utilities HUD (please see instructions) or you can consider requesting one from the clothing creator, or you can make your own! I have included tools and instructions for creating alpha layers with the Redux body updates to help you.

I have created a video tutorial to show you exactly how to create your own alpha layers.



IMPORTANT for GIMP users :
If your erase brush is drawing with colour instead of making the pixels transparent – select “Layer – Transparency — Add Alpha Channel and it should work properly.

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