Back in the day Hunt – Slink & One Bad Pixel

Slink and One Bad Pixel are participating in the “Back in the Day Hunt’ stores were invited that have been around for a very long time, producing content for Second Life, and we are honored to have been invited.

The idea of the hunt is that you find the item in one store and then you are given a landmark to the next one. The hints appear on the website but you can also click the signage in the stores to get the hints directly. Each item is auto set for 2L each item.

Because One Bad Pixel and Slink are both in the same location, you can do both at once and then move on from there.

Slink has our fabulous Margot Slippers up for grabs in Slink versions as well as Cinnamon & Chai. You have a HUD to control the straps on/off in the Slink version or worn separately in the Cinnamon & Chai. All versions will fit all feet types of Slink and Cinnamon & Chai.

One Bad Pixel has the Glomesh halter out in Slink Original & Petite, Slink Hourglass & Petite and Cinnamon & Chai sizes as well as Standard Sizing.

Because both items look so great together, we made sure they matched in a beautiful Rose Gold colour.

We hope you enjoy the HUNT and if you have any questions please contact Slink Resident.



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