Slink Physique? A huge update!!

An update for the silly season??

We at the Slink HQ have been a little quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work, developing new features and products for our wonderful and supportive customers!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the December 2016 Physique body updates! We have done extensive work on the Physique system, both externally and internally to make for a better overall experience for those who wear these bodies.

If you own one of the 3 Slink Physique bodies, run over to Slink and pick up your free update from the redelivery terminals in the store!!

(if your body is not in the redelivery terminal, drop a NC to Slink Resident and she will help you!)


The biggest change you will notice is that we have completely redesigned the HUD. Previously all the features were contained on one page, and adding new features was impossible, simply because we didn’t have the space to do it!

So we sat down and brainstormed our ideal method for interacting with the Physique body, and we hope you will love what we came up with!

You can see the new HUD and its features here

We have separate the features out onto their own individual tabs, so now you can easily navigate to a specific area of the HUD and use just the feature you want, instead of trying to find it among everything else.

We have added new features to Physique as well:

  • added alpha cuts around the chest, back and pelvis to help fit those difficult clothes.
  • the ability to control the strength of the transparency mask on the tattoo, clothing, and underwear layers
  • the ability to tint each layer without having to go to a new HUD to do it!
  • The ability to control the level of glossiness and environment reflections that are applied to specular maps on the different layers
  • The ability to tint the specular maps for some very cool effects!
  • The ability to enable fullbright and glow on your layers. If you want glowy knickers, go for it 🙂
  • We have updated the built in skin textures to make them prettier and shinier, and added some basic makeup options for the Visage heads right on the Physique HUD!

Of course the guys aren’t left out with this update – the Physique Original, Hourglass and the Physique Male are all updated today!

Auto Alpha scripts!

The other big news we have is that we have created an Auto Alpha system that should provide you a lot of flexibility in how you wear mesh clothing with our Physique bodies!

There is a script packed in the body folders to allow body wearers to create their own Auto Alpha mini HUDs to either save with an outfit, save with the folder of clothing, or even add to moddable mesh clothing themselves!

The creators kit should be updated shortly as well to include a script for creators to add to their clothing (among other things!) 🙂

A quick note on backwards compatibility:

At Slink we have a strong aversion to breaking existing content that has been created by other people for our body parts, and this update is no different. The shape and weighting of these bodies has not changed in any meaningful way, and all your appliers and mesh clothing will still work as they always have!

❤ Siddean

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