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Illona Burgundy Gift

Slink mainstore recently added a Subscriber. Now you can save group space, and have information readily available. For joining the subsciber, there is a Gift of the Illona flats in Burgundy. The shoes are a full release in other colours in the store. You will need the Flat feet to be able to wear them.

FashionNatic has been creating full looks with Slink products for a long time now, and this dress is one of their latest. It comes with a full hud for incredible mixing and matching of colours and fabric choices.

Using the Cinnamon skin that comes with the Slink Physique body, I added some make up from both AlaskaMetro and Elymode stores. You will find a great assortment of lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeshadows and more, when looking in these great stores.


Creator – Ellen Moonites

Slink Compatible Items:

Clothing, Footwear


Main Store



Creator – Alaska Metropolitan

Slink Compatible Items:

Skins, Nails, Make Up


Main Store



Creator – Elysium Eilde

Slink Compatible Items:

Clothing, Lingerie, Make Up


Main Store


Wearing :

Hair – Wasted Kisses – Vanity Hair

Skin – Cinnamon – Physique Applier (Slink)

Outfit – Helga – FashionNatic

Eyeshadow – Elymode

Lipstick – AlaskaMetro

Shoes – illona Flats – Subscriber Gift – (Slink)

Slink – Physique Mesh Body

Slink – Visage Head – Becky

Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Slink – Female Feet Flat

For information on how to become a Slink Developer please visit our Developer Page, and apply for the kit that best suits your needs to create Slink Compatible items.

Slink Mainstore

Slink on Marketplace

Slink West Sim – All items are Slink Compatible

Slink Avatar Enhancements Flickr Page

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