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New Shoes at Slink

Someone brought the fact that I never posted this to my attention this morning! Whoooooops! Here ya go!

New at Slink, the Illona Flats. These cute little pointed suede flats have a bow detail on the toe, and are available in 6 colours (below).

Illona Main Ad

Also, as a little welcome back present to myself, I have upgraded my subscriber system and added a 7th colour of the Illona Flats as a present to you! If you have previously subscribed to my update group, I have retired that list completely, and you can pop over and hit the new panel in my store! you will see the burgundy flats pictured alongside it.

Illona Burgundy Gift



Illona Black  Illona Caramel Illona Cream Illona Red Illona WhiteIllona Blue

Featuring Slink 3rd Party Creators – Slink, FashionNatic, AlaskaMetro, Elymode

Slink Compatible Feature - Slink, FashionNatic, AlaskaMetro, Elymode



Illona Burgundy Gift

Slink mainstore recently added a Subscriber. Now you can save group space, and have information readily available. For joining the subsciber, there is a Gift of the Illona flats in Burgundy. The shoes are a full release in other colours in the store. You will need the Flat feet to be able to wear them.

FashionNatic has been creating full looks with Slink products for a long time now, and this dress is one of their latest. It comes with a full hud for incredible mixing and matching of colours and fabric choices.

Using the Cinnamon skin that comes with the Slink Physique body, I added some make up from both AlaskaMetro and Elymode stores. You will find a great assortment of lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeshadows and more, when looking in these great stores.


Creator – Ellen Moonites

Slink Compatible Items:

Clothing, Footwear


Main Store



Creator – Alaska Metropolitan

Slink Compatible Items:

Skins, Nails, Make Up


Main Store



Creator – Elysium Eilde

Slink Compatible Items:

Clothing, Lingerie, Make Up


Main Store


Wearing :

Hair – Wasted Kisses – Vanity Hair

Skin – Cinnamon – Physique Applier (Slink)

Outfit – Helga – FashionNatic

Eyeshadow – Elymode

Lipstick – AlaskaMetro

Shoes – illona Flats – Subscriber Gift – (Slink)

Slink – Physique Mesh Body

Slink – Visage Head – Becky

Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Slink – Female Feet Flat

For information on how to become a Slink Developer please visit our Developer Page, and apply for the kit that best suits your needs to create Slink Compatible items.

Slink Mainstore

Slink on Marketplace

Slink West Sim – All items are Slink Compatible

Slink Avatar Enhancements Flickr Page