The Massive Slink Update is here!

After around 5 months of work and a lot of hair-pulling, we are finally excited to release the Avatar Enhancement, Physique and Visage Versions 2 in the Slink Mainstore. Ad physique V2 Slink - Physique Fitted Mesh Body - Features There is an extensive list of changes, I have posted them below. Please read these update notes carefully. There are some very cool new features to play with, as well as some all over tweaking for function and aesthetic Products that have been updated and are now available:

  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Hands
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Female Feet (High, Mid and Low)
  • Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet
  • Slink Physique Mesh Body
  • Slink Visage Mesh Heads
  • Slink One Shoulder Dress
  • Slink Physique Mesh Bikini

If you own any of these products, please go and  get your free update from the redelivery terminal. New creator kits will be sent out over the coming days.

Now that the technology is all in place, we will be able to release content such as mens body parts, more hand poses, more faces and generally more.



Body Parts V2 Update Notes


  • Tweaked the shape of the body in the legs, hips, breasts, shoulders and stomach
  • Reworked the weighting to fix an issue with the stomach and make the breasts a more pleasing shape
  • Double the amount of alpha cuts in the body (now you can slice and dice what’s visible with 88 sections across the body!)
  • Reworked the HUD to accomodate the new alpha cuts
  • Incorporated the included skin textures into the new HUD
  • Updated the included One Shoulder Dress in red (and the full colour range) to fit the new body
  • Updated the Physique Micro Bikini to fit the new body
  • Spec and Bump OFF buttons remove specular and normal maps from tat and clothing layers
  • Added 8 save/apply buttons to the Alpha and Layers HUD. You can save your current alpha configuration by using one of the save buttons, and apply it by using the apply button. To change the saved alpha configuration on a button you have already saved, just press save again with the new configuration


  • Tweaked the shape of both Becky and Emma around the eyes for a prettier effect with less eye slider changes needed (eyes should be set at around 50 width for the best effect)
  • No more mesh lashes. Lashes have been updated to texture lashes, with an option to enable the alpha mask so that the lashes don’t create rendering issues (alpha clashing) with eyeshadows.
  • You can now switch off the ears so you can wear your own. Texture on the area where the ears were is not seamless because it doesn’t exist anywhere on the SL avatar head template.
  • Lashes can be turned off via the HUD.
  • Did I say EYESHADOWS? Visage now supports extra makeup layers independant of the skin underneath. You can now use applier eyeshadows, blush and lips.
  • Skin and Makeup creators can now apply their own eyelash textures to the eyelashes for some variety using the custom UV map.
  • 3rd party scripts now allow creators to access specular and normal maps for head layers
  • Updated 3rd party scripts for greater security and new layer options
  • Created a 3rd party kit for makeup appliers.
  • Skin creators can now create appliers that have separate, instead of baked in, eyebrows and hairbases. These things are now on their own layers and can be independant of the skin.

Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet

  • You can now target each nail on the hands and feet individually with any Slink compatible nail HUD. Want a different polish on each nail? Go nuts
  • Feet have been separated. You now have to choose/wear left and right feet, rather than both going on at the same time.

Changes relevant to creators


  • Improved the shoulder texture stretch in UV and shape
  • Minor all over tweaks to the UV to improve clothing placement and body landmark placement
  • Updated the 3rd party applier kits to new controller scripts which offer greater security, and more features.
  • 3rd party scripts now allow creators to access specular and normal maps for all body layers (get your shiny iridescent scales and glitter creations on!)
  • Updated the 3rd party mesh creators kit to the new body shape and weighting


  • Clear buttons for all the optional extra layers. These buttons just clear the texture from the layer. they do not toggle the layers on and off without clearing the textures. To put a makeup layer on, wear a makeup HUD and select the option you want. to remove the makeup, press the Corresponding Clear button on the Utilities HUD
  • Teeth Show and Hide buttons. For use with Slink Visage Addon Teeth to hide the default teeth.
  • Eyebrow Blend Mode for applier brows – Use Blend when not wearing applier eyeshadow and Mask when wearing applier eyeshadow to prevent the brows from creating alpha clashing with the eyeshadow
  • Lashes Default and Hide (for wearing your own prim lashes – note your own prim lashes won’t blink with the head)
  • Updated the Visage Expressions HUD to include several more functions
  • Included the neck patch that was previously included in Physique, as it’s more appropriate in the Visage pack.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the eyes to stay stuck shut if you change expression mid-blink. Eyes should now open on the next blink cycle, and if not, pressing the expression button again should open them. If you force close the eyes via the HUD, and change expressions, the eyes will stay closed, and if you open them via the HUD and change expressions, they will stay open.
  • Added some very slight weighting to the eyebones for extra realism. your eyelids move with your eyeballs IRL, now they do ISL!

AvEnhance Hands and Feet

  • Fixed an error in the UV of the hands wrist
  • Left and right feet are now able to be targeted individually with any Slink compatible feet tattoo HUD. Wear separate tattoos on each foot, or target both feet at once!
  • Hands tattoos can be targeted at different hands using the 3rd party tattoo scripts without having to remove one to apply the other.
  • Hands and feet can now have separate stocking and glove textures on left and right sides. Go forth and let your customers BE the rainbow.
  • Fixed the UV on the ends of the fingers underneath the nail beds for better texture coverage of gloves
  • Hands now have a proper glove layer. Legacy HUDs will still use the tattoo layer, but new glove HUDs should be setup to use the new glove layer.
  • Enabling the glove layer on the HUD automatically disables the nails, but you can elect to turn the nails back on.
  • Fixed an error on the High Small female feet that caused a glitch on the stocking layer near the ankle front

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  10. […] I am sure there will be more features that I love as I continue to play with all my Slink 2 parts. Go get yours by hitting the redelivery terminal in the main slink store. You can read more about it on the Slink website too.  […]

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