Featuring Slink 3rd Party Creators – Blushed Creations, ItGirls, Athor

Blushed - ITGirls - Athor

Blushed – ItGirls – Athor

Blushed Creations was a creator of Slink Compatible items long before the release of the Avatar Enhancement system. While it was primarily jewellery in the past, Blushed Creations has now grown to include, clothing, lingerie, footwear and more. Featuring some of their new accessories, with clothing appliers that work with the Slink Physique body, we have a look that was made for a night of dancing and the company of others.

ItGirls released skin appliers very quickly to work with the Slink feet and hands, and when available updated to include Visage and Physique in their available appliers. The faces have strong character traits, and come with make up and options such as freckles or moles. Demos are available for bodies and heads.

Athor has stylish footwear for Slink High and Mid feet, as well as clothing items that have appliers. Definitely a mix of elegance and class with their footwear, as each shoe has a range of beautiful texture finishes and usually very extreme height in the heels.


Blushed Creations :

Creator – Blush Bravin

Slink Compatible Items:


Lingerie, Hosiery, Clothing






Slink West


ItGirls :

Creator – Annie Jolifaunt

Slink Compatible Items:

Skin Appliers (Female)

Physique, Visage, Hands, Feet




Athor :

Creator – Claudia Dryke

Slink Compatible Items:

Physique Clothing Appliers

Footwear – Mid & High feet




Slink West



Blushed Creations – Native Stones Jewellery Set (Texture Change) , Shirred Satin Dress (Physique Appliers)

Athor – Supreme Snake (High Feet)

ItGirls – Physique Mesh Body Applier (includes hands and feet appliers), Visage Applier Tan

EXxEsS – Jana Hair

Slink –  Physique Mesh Body

Slink –   Visage Head  – Becky

Slink –  Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Slink – Female Feet High



For information on how to become a Slink Developer please visit our Developer Page, and apply for the kit that best suits your needs to create Slink Compatible items.

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Slink West Sim – All items are Slink Compatible

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