Updates- Visage work in progress and Physique teasers!

I’ve received a lot of feedback on my Visage release since early March, the majority has been overwhelmingly positive! I’ve been taking notes, and I’m trying to incorporate as much of the feedback into the next update as possible 🙂

I’ve been busy these last few weeks with the updates for Emma and Becky before I can start releasing new faces.  Unfortunately, my main Visage file became corrupted and I lost much of the work I had previously done on Becky, so I’ve had to repair her from earlier backups which has taken a lot of time, but I’m on the home stretch now so hopefully updates will be out very soon!

Visage Updates

In the update I have tweaked the eyes of both ladies, given them new eyelashes, a new hairbase layer (made for SL texture hairbases), separate brow layers to make the lives of skin makers a little easier, and a layer for freckles/tattoos.  I am also looking into ways I can make the base Visage faces available for make-up creations because I know a lot of people want this option.  There are also new *exclusive to Visage* skins coming! woohoo!

In the meantime, Caine has been madly coding the personal kits, they are coming along great and should be available for Slink Avatar Enhancement products any day now!

In related news, I present a teaser for my upcoming project, Physique. You know what this is 😉  Enjoy this little sneak peek!



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  1. […] I, for one, is looking forward to trying on the new Slink mesh body! All hail to the High Priestess Siddean… Lol, but seriously, this is going to end all the "fit the body to my Slink feet" issues. Flat, medium, high, I have them all. Hey, but doesn't the image in the blog have a hand seam? Work in progress… Hope it is out soon and not soon in June… or July. But then, I am a sucker for everything new in mesh. Just whisper "mesh" to me and I am halfway to buying it. Updates- Visage work in progress and Physique teasers! | Slink Style […]

  2. […] Picture above from Siddean’s blog, SLinkstyle. OMFG HOW AWESOME IS THIS?! […]

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