It’s Poll Time! First up – Demi!

Which colour would you like to see added to the Demi Boot Range?  The chosen colour will be sent out to everyone who bought at least one Demi boot at Shoetopia.  The chosen colour PLUS my personal favourite will be sent to those who bought the Demi Multipack and/or those who bought the Demi Boot in Blush – the Shoetopia 100% donation item.

Polls layers Demi

POLL is closed, thank you for voting – Winner 6 Earth

The 2 new colours will be added to the full price range when they are placed in the Slink Mainstore.

A new poll for Hera will be added on the 24th!

All the additional colours will be sent in the week following Shoetopia.

One thought on “It’s Poll Time! First up – Demi!

  1. Sakide style at a thrifty price | serenestyle November 23, 2013 at 7:04 AM

    […] I hope you noticed my gorgeous boots, yes they’re from Shoetopia. Released by Slink they use the new high feet as the base. I have heard a rumor that the rush has died off so this might be the weekend to get in and shop at SHoetopia if you haven’t had the chance yet. I do recommend you stop in at Slink on Sim 1 and try the demos for these sexy boots, the blush shade I am wearing is the donation item , with 100% proceeds going to Soles for Souls. If you aren’t in the Slink group you may not have heard of a fantastic offer that’s coming for anyone who purchases from the Slink store at Shoetopia, check out this link here :, and you place your vote here […]

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