Monthly Archives: August 2012

New feet, new shoes!

I have just put these on the wall at Slink!  You will find them as you go into the door, front and centre, easy as anything to find 🙂

To wear these, you also need the Slink Womens Medium Barefeet as shown below.  These pumps are an addon, simply double click to wear and they go into the right place on your sexy feet!

If you bought the Vintage Pumps at Vintage Fair this week, you needn’t buy the feet again, they were included with the Pumps!  Just click to wear, no need for more tinting or messing about with the HUD again!  Joy!! 😀



I have a great new release out at Vintage Fair for the next couple of weeks!

This is a new foot style, rigged and available in 5 standard sizes.  The Vintage 2-Strap Pumps are an addon shoe and for the duration of the Vintage Fair, both feet and pumps are available together!  It is available in 12 sweet colours, matching the One Bad Pixel 50’s style dress