Tall, tall leather thigh boots!

New at Slink!

When I joined SL over 4 years ago, this was the very first item I wanted to make.  Imagine my surprise and dismay when I found out the hard way that it was very difficult, if not impossible with the building tools at the time, and I was never satisfied with texture boots that had to have shoe prims stuck on.

Since then, we’ve had some technology updates with sculpties coming onto the scene in 2008, but still, I never liked how sculpty thigh boots broke at the knees and ankles.  Now finally with SL’s new “Mesh” technology, I can have my dream thigh boots.  They are slim, they are very sexy, they are available now in 10 goooorgeous colours at the Slink Mainstore!

I have provided FOUR sizes to fit 4 body archetypes, and there is an information notecard contained within describing how you can obtain a custom fitting if it’s required 🙂

Please try the DEMO before purchasing!

These boots require a mesh compatible viewer such as Viewer 3.  At this time, Cool VL Viewer and Firestorm are the TPV’s capable of displaying meshes.  I have a pair rezzed in the store, if you see an oddly textured prim, you need an up to date viewer!


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2 thoughts on “Tall, tall leather thigh boots!

  1. Jess September 5, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    I love the boots but I had a question about this – they are beautiful but the feet seem a bit too small. Not sure you will care or address this but hopefully you do. These boots are too good not to be perfect.

  2. Tatum Lisle September 10, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    Great boots Siddean, but I have a request. Would is be poss to not only provide leg size options but also a couple of foot sizes – small and large? I keep trying the demo and just feeling that my feets look too teensy. Keep up the wonderful mesh work

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