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It was a tough fight..

…but the winner of the last poll was BeeBee!  She had an early lead – Vixen gained some ground halfway through the vote, however, BeeBee won out in the end.  The boots and fatpack are now discounted by 80% for group members!  Congrats, BeeBee fans 😀  Get her now at Slink

BeeBee has recently been updated, and now features full SL 2 compatibility, an alpha layer and can be resized using the Slink OmniHUD system.  Don’t forget to join the Slink group, and wear your tag when making your sale purchases!

Another Poll!! Woohoo!

Thank you for voting on yesterday’s poll!  I am very pleased with the way the polls have been going!

I have 2 new beauties up for grabs today.. The slinky sexy vixen catsuit, and the newly updated BeeBee boots!  (updates are already being sent out for existing BeeBee owners)

Vote for your choice here:

[poll id=”5″]

Visit Slink to take advantage of the Diamond VIP sale!

And the winner is…..

CASSANDRA!!  By a mile!  Sorry to those who wanted Aveela, but you will get another chance to vote for her later in the week 🙂

The gorgeous Cassandra is now on sale for a massive 80% discount!  Come claim her at the Slink Mainstore!!

Another Slink poll??

Today’s poll will be a race between 2 gorgeous shoe styles, Cassandra and Aveela!  Fear not if your choice doesn’t win, chances are it will go into another poll throughout the next week so you will have another opportunity to vote for it!

The choices are:

And you can vote here:

[poll id=”4″]

We have a winner!

Thank you all for voting on my little poll yesterday!  The Quinn boots ran ahead early in the poll, and stayed that way!  So I have just updated the vendor script to give a refund of 80% on all colours of Quinn, as well as the fatpack!

Get them now at Slink!

Vote for the first 80% special now!

Slink is currently having a sale – selected items (indicated by a huge sparkly diamond) are marked down to 50%.  I have deliberately left some items undiscounted to give you the opportunity to get them at a huge 80% discount!!

Here are the first 2 choices……

Vote for your choice here!  The item with the most votes at 5:30 PM on Saturday SL time will go on sale for 80% discount for the rest of the week at the Slink Mainstore!!

[poll id=”3″]


Countdown to the Slink Sale!!

The Whitney Boots – released at 6pm Friday 11th of March at a special launch price of just $99L per colour for one week only!!  Options include long boots, ankle length and ankle length with scrunchy socks.

Only a few hours now until my “Chase the Diamond” VIP sale starts!  I will be closing the sim shortly to prepare for the sale, and will reopen at 6pm sharp!  Please remember to join the “SLink – Classy gear for classy babes” group inworld in order to take advantage of the massive savings at Slink

Slink new store launch and huge sale – coming soon!

Slink is having a sale!  But not quite yet……


Click for large image

I am having a sale from 6pm Friday night March 11th, 50% off selected items, which will be indicated by a large shiny diamond somewhere about the display, and every day I will post a poll on this blog for you to vote for the item that will be 80% off for the next day!

This is a Slink group members only sale so make sure you join the group!  Group enrolment will remain free and open for the duration of the sale, so everyone who wants to can take advantage of the huge savings!

This is a once in a blue moon event, don’t miss it! Join the Slink group now at the Slink Mainstore