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Tiger Heels update

Greetings!  I have updated the Tiger Heels with new scripts, faster response time, and placed the invisiprim toggle, as well as black and brown leather options buttons on the new OmniHUD v2.3

click image for larger view

If you have bought this style prior to March 27th 2011, please visit the Slink Mainstore and pick up your update.

The update delivery vendors are located on the Tiger Display and the boxes are labelled with the colours of the range.  Simply click the colour/s you own and if you are on the list, it should be sent to you!

If you are advised by the box that you are not on the update list, and you believe this to be an error, please IM me (Siddean Munro) to resolve it.

Roman Sandals @ Slink

Cute roman style laced sandals, available today at the Slink Mainstore


Fifty Linden Friday at Slink!

I am pleased to participate again in Fifty Linden Friday this week!  Unfortunately I have been innundated and unable to blog the item until now, but it will be available at Slink until 2am Saturday SL time.

This time we have a gorgeous set of Marina boots, textured in the unreleased Merlot red!

Slink “Chase the diamond” VIP sale final schedule of events!

I have had so much fun this week I can’t even begin to describe it!  My group has been awesome throughout the week, voting on polls, chatting, helping new members find their way and I am so pleased with how my little event has been received!

I have 2 more special events planned for the next 2 days at Slink 🙂.

  • At midnight tonight, SL time (that’s just 4 hours away!), I will be marking down both the Suki Geta, and the Vixen catsuit to 60% off the usual price.  Both of them due to very popular demand, but the Geta for another reason as well.  I will personally donate the proceeds of the Geta sales from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday to the International Redcross. (read below the images for more….)

  • at 6 pm on Friday night SL time, I will be closing the store to everyone but group members, and we are having a dance party on the roof!!!  I have organised the lovely Syngen Sohmers to provide us with some tunes, and we’re gonna put on our dance shoes and have a little fun!  If you want in on this event, you must join the Slink inworld group!
  • Sale items will remain on sale until the party’s over, and then I will close the store and reset all the vendors 🙂

Again, thank you for making this week so much fun!!  We should do it again sometime 😀

Better late than never I always say..

A little later than planned, but she’s here nonetheless!  Aveela is the latest item to go on sale at Slink!  Come get her now, she’s 80% off!   That makes her an incredible 140L per colour after the refund!!

To get in on the fun, join the SLink inworld group by clicking one of the joiners around the store, wear your group tag and pay the full price.  The discount will be refunded to you.  Applies to selected items indicated with a sign and/or big shiny gem on the display!

All the previous items that were on sale are still marked down for the next 24 hours!  I will be posting a schedule of events shortly 🙂  Enjoy!!

The final Slink poll…

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has participated in my polls this week, you have helped make my Diamond VIP sale so much fun, and helped yourselves get great bargains in the process!  I have loved it!  🙂

Today’s contestants are 2 previous contenders, Aveela and Luicille.

You can vote for your choice here.

[poll id=”8″]

Even though today is the last day of polls, it’s not the last day of sale, nor the last day of fun!  Watch this space for more information 🙂

And the winner is… *drumroll*

there had to be a drumroll because I’m positive it’s a huge surprise – the Jolie Pied ladies barefeet are now discounted 80%, thanks to yesterday’s outstanding poll results!!  Congrats!  Now available in the Slink Mainstore.  Don’t forget your group tags!!


Another winner means another poll :D

The candidates for today are – based on feedback from my hilarious and chatty group – the Ashia and Paloma Ballet Slippers (all colours), and the Jolie Pied ladies barefeet (all options)


Vote for your choice here:

[poll id=”7″]

Taxi to Slink

Another winner!

There was no question in today’s poll as to which style would win, Tiger took the lead right from the start, and won by what I would definitely call a landslide!  Thanks to everyone who voted, you get what you wish for!  Tiger is now 80% off at Slink.

And the new poll candidates are…

The Tiger heels and the Ain Egyptian sandals!

And you can vote for your choice here:

[poll id=”6″]