Cyclone Season Mark II

Just a little update, we made it through the storm ok, it was pretty scary there for a while, with some very wild winds and last night a whole line of huge electrical storms went over the top of us, following in Yasi’s wake.


We spent the night in the dark, hiding in the cyclone bunker, drinking whiskey and beer and playing scrabble under candlelight.  I can think of worse ways to while away a few hours in the dark with family.  In hindsight, Cairns was incredibly lucky, and there are still no reported deaths or serious injury afaik, so I think in all, the whole area hit were extremely well prepared.

We have no power at home, it’s been off almost 48 hours now, and finding access to telephones, internet or any kind of news has been really hard.  BUT, we made it through.  I don’t know yet the full scale of the disaster to the south of Cairns, but I’ve booked into a motel for a few days to escape the heat, thank goodness!

Thanks for all the kind comments left on my last post!  My SL friends are never far from my mind and it’s lovely to know that people are thinking of me as well!  <3

I’m still fairly restricted, internet-wise, but I will do my best to answer queries and respond to my customers in this brief reprieve and hopefully power will be restored by the time I head back to my folks, so it will be business as usual!

Until then, stay safe, warm and dry, especially those of you in frozen countries!

One thought on “Cyclone Season Mark II

  1. Bliss Windlow February 5, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    so so relieved .. I was watching everything I could and just praying for you …I am sick about the areas around that got hit so hard .. the farmers most of all … I think people do not understand even though you survive what it does to your soul to have to actually consider and face the possibility you might not make it.

    Just so glad to see you are ok. 🙂

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