Hairfair is almost upon us!

I’m participating in hairfair again this year and have been working hard to produce some lovely styles for this event!  The event is to benefit the charity Wigs for Kids, which is just a great cause, so please donate generously!  TP to HairFair

Genevief is the first of the charity donation hairstyles, long (shoulderblade length), straight and swept over the shoulders and over one eye, this is a very sexy hairstyle.

Summer II is the second charity donation style.  SummerII is an upswept bun with a high quiff at the forehead and tendrils escaping at the nape.

Rhiannon is a high, voluminous and wavy ponytail with the hair backcombed high at the crown and smoothed over from the forehead back into the ponytail.

Leona II is a messy “just-got-out-of-bed” style with heavy bangs.  Lots of movement and flyaway strands float about your face with this simple mid-length style.

Kiera was a very ambitious style – convincing short hair is not easy to do inworld so this was quite a satisfying result.  Kiera is a very short crop, short at the nape of the neck with long sweeping layers from the crown over the forehead.  Longer layers of hair are brushed forward onto the face framing the ears and cheekbones to perfection.

While you are there pick up a copy of the gift I have left out on the little table!  It’s a surprise, but I hope you will like it!

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