Shoe fair, shoe fair, shoe fair!!

As you would probably know, I like shoes.  If you don’t know that, I suspect you have been living under  rock 🙂  I am a big fan of shoe fair, having been involved from the very beginning and this year I am very pleased to be able to sponsor one of the 4 beautiful sims for this great charity event!  My good friend and neighbour Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs has done a stellar job on the sim decoration this year, in a very short amount of time and I think they look great, very easy to navigate and not too crowded!

You can teleport to the SLink store at the shoefair HERE from 12 noon on the 7th of August, SL time.  From there you can get around to all 4 sims and explore!

This year I have 4 new styles to offer, and one of them is entirely dedicated to the Soles for Souls charity!

Luicille is the Souls 4 Souls charity style.  Every colour in this sexy wedge is 100% dedicated to the charity, including the fatpack!  Luicille is a sleek wedge heel with sculpted foot, and 2 texture options for the wedge (Cork or colour matched to the shoe)

Sade is a SLink signature design, a very chunky mary-jane heel with heavy, barred metal heels and delicate straps across the front of the foot for balance.  The tailored toes are elevated on a stacked plateau sole.

Mieke is a calf height leather riding boot with a long silver zip, smooth rounded toes and a studded strap on the underside of the sole infront of the stacked, polished leather heel.

Aveela is another SLink signature design, a very cute soft suede style with 3 decorative buckles highlighting the front of the shoe.  A delicately curved heel and plateau support your beautiful feet in this shoe. Aveela is finished with a fully sculpted zipper at the back and SLink logo underneath the sole.

More newness in the SLink booth at the Shoe fair this year include these lovely shiny skin textures for your SLink feet.  They will replace your regular skin textures, and come with a matching ankle blender layer.  These will make your feet even prettier!  And easier to match, since you can edit the ankle blender layer, get the numbers, use the RGB input command on the feet and voila, perfectly matching feet!  Just follow the instructions inside the box 😀

And finally something a bit different and fun!  Bloody feet textures for roleplayers!  (Feet sold separately) Just…don’t tell me how you came to be covered in blood incase you incriminate yourself!! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Shoe fair, shoe fair, shoe fair!!

  1. Ashka Tomsen August 8, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    Would love to see some dirty feet textures next time…;))

  2. Siddean August 10, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    Hi Ashka, I do plan to do dirty foot textures, just didn’t have enough time to do them before the shoe fair started 🙂

  3. Helene Letov August 10, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    OMG, it’s so easy with the new textures! Thank you for making them!!!! One itsy birsy complaint: The sock part go very high up. I could wish it went lower, I use the Curio skin with freckles. I wish it was opague just abowe the ankle, and then more and more transparent, and be a handwidth shorter.

  4. Siddean August 14, 2010 at 11:55 PM

    Thanks for the feedback Helene, I will revisit the socks if I get time.

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