Monthly Archives: June 2010

New summery flats @ SLink Today

I have just released these gorgeous casual flats perfect for warm  weather!  They make my toes cooler just by looking at them!!  Now available at the SLink Mainstore, and the demo is as usual, free.

The SLink Ain Egyptian Sandals.  Perfect with everything from bikinis and denim cutoffs, through to jeans and cocktail dresses!

Featuring sleek simple styling, lovely embossed leather and a touch of sparkle at the toe, these will take you from day to night with ease!

Harem Nights Fashion Show!

I have been honoured to provide footwear, ankle jewellery and hairstyles for an upcoming fashion show with some great designers!

The show theme is Harem Nights, and the designers are Frederick Lancaster from Honor Bound, Syngen Sohmers of Sakinah, Delora Starbrook of Haven Designs, and Dream Resistance of Fantasia.  I will be revealing a new style of flat sandal, as well as some styles of ankle jewellery, both of which will very soon be available in the SLink Mainstore!

Hop on over to the Harem Nights show at 4pm SLT today (Saturday) and check out the exotic lovelies from these very talented people!

Suki Geta – traditional Japanese style sandals

I receive a lot of requests for my Jolie Pied feet with a Japanese Geta style sandal, so yesterday I sat down with the goal to make it happen!  The result is the Suki Japanese Geta style – now available at the SLink Mainstore.

These sandals are fully HUD controlled and include optional Tabi socks in traditional black and white – toggleable from the options tab on the OmniHUD.  Full SL2 viewer compatibility is also included with toggleable invisiprims.

The Suki Geta come in 9 jewel-bright colours and are available at SLink now for $625 per colour.  As usual, the fully functional demo is free!!

Massive feet update today!

I’ve been working extra hard to get these feet updated, rescripted and repackaged over the last couple of weeks!  A mammoth job, but I think you will agree, worth it for the huge reduction in script time, and the extra little benefits these feet have!

All updated feet available at the SLink Mainstore!

Click the below images for larger versions 🙂

First things first – The Jolie Pied mens feet have all been updated and updates have been sent to the list of owners as I have them.  If you own a pair of mens feet purchased before the middle of May, 2010, and didn’t receive an update please IM me inworld to arrange for your update to be sent.  The Adam barefeet have been retired and replaced with the Jolie Pied for Men Pivoting style which is also now available at the SLink Mainstore.

Updates for the below styles have been sent.  Please let me know if you own a pair of kids or exotix feet and didn’t receive an update!!

The Jolie Pied Exotix Style has been updated for women, and a new range of the Jolie Pied Exotix has been added for men.  This range now includes a pivoting version, as well as the ability to toggle the footpads on and off with the HUD, as well as choose from 2 different footpad textures (black and white) and tint the footpads to your taste!

I have clearly marked which set is for which gender.

And finally, so the little-ies don’t feel left out, I have finished my complete range of barefeet for kids and small fae size avatars.  I’ve tested these with a variety of shapes and sizes and they should work well for most small avatars.