Important announcement regarding SLink Gift Cards

Hi all!

I have some exciting developments underway at the moment.  To kick this off I am phasing out my gift card system and upgrading to a new secure vendor system that has a buy as gift option instead of a gift card function.  SLink giftcards are no longer available in the SLink Mainstore.

Please redeem your SLink Gift Cards over the next couple of weeks before the new system comes online.  Alternatively. please contact me for information on how to obtain a refund for any unclaimed balance.  Do not send me your unused gift cards without contacting me first, as I have no way of knowing who they came from.

Any giftcard either purchased by you, or purchased by someone for you as a gift will be honoured.

I will make another announcement in plenty of time before the current vendor system goes offline.


Siddean M!

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