Blue Mermaid with Goldfish

I have just placed this lovely lady and her fishy friend up for sale at the SLink Mainstore.  The mermaid is rezzed, so you can check her out from all angles!  She’s out on the terrace outside the front door and is priced at $3500L 🙂

Blue Mermaid Web 2

Custom sculpted and textured, this beautiful mythical creature of the sea has arisen for a short time to drape herself across a jutting rock, to contemplate her little fishy friend.  The fact that goldfish don’t live in salt water is of no concern, she is a freshwater mermaid… alright??  Salt water dried her hair out!

Blue Mermaid Web 5

A closeup of her delicate profile…

Blue Mermaid Web 6

She is surrounded by iridescent bubbles, that glimmer ever so subtly in the seabreeze.

Blue Mermaid Web 4

Blue Mermaid Web 3

A better view of the wee fishy.  Check out those shimmering scales!

Blue Mermaid Web 1

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    […]  Crossposted from SLink Style.  For the full post, go there!now available at the SLink Mainstore, and priced at $3500L  […]

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