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New releases at SLink

I have a number of shiny new creations in store today!  Hop down to the SLink Mainstore and take a look at….

The Sydney Boots – Fur Edition.  Available in 4 Xmas Seasonal colours (Red, White, Green and Gold), soft white fur lining around the knee of the boot.

Included with each colour is the red Naughty&Nice dress pictured here.  It looks perfectly nice here right?  Try wearing it without the prim bodice 😀

Sydney Boots Fur

Sydney Naughty n Nice

I have also finally created a set of sculpted prim nails, which are compatible with the nailpolish options in my Jolie Pied feet HUDs

Nails ad

Last but not least, I have released 3 Nail addon HUD’s for the Jolie Pied feet, and the new nails.  Wear these HUD’s with your nails, and your feet, and you can change the nail textures on them all at the same time! (does not work with the older style barefeet)

The Glitter, Art and Silly Seasonal polishes include 18 shades of glittery polish, 6 shades of glittery polish with various nail art, and 6 Christmas Themed nail art pieces.  There is a wee Santa, a little happy snowman, a snow angel.. or is that a snow ghost?  A decorated Fir tree, a sprig of holly, and a little red wrapped gift!

JPADDONGlitterArt Ad

JPADDONMatteChipped Ad

(The Matte and Chipped Polishes are also included with the Jolie Pied for men feet)

JPADDONGlossLaquer Ad

(The Gloss and Lacquer are also included with the Jolie Pied for women feet, and the Prim Nails)


Sasy informed me last night that I need to make a black version of my Paloma Ballet Pointe shoes.  And then she said “why stop there?  Just make a new colour pack with all kinds of dark, gothy colours?”  And so I did just that.  I named them after Ashia Tomsen, because she’s a freak for all things ballet, and she wrote them up on her blog Inventory Episode.

The Ashia Ballet pointe shoes are available at the SLink Mainstore for $450L per pair.  The colours are Onyx, Aubergine, Blood, Magenta and Pewter.  If you want the more traditional ballet shoe colours, they are still available exclusively at the Shoe Fair for 100% dontation to the Toys for Tots Charity!

Pictured – Pewter.  Click for a larger image!

Ashia ad


I had a brilliant response to my Sydney Gold Edition Boots for 50L Friday yesterday!  Thank you to everyone who picked up a pair and especially to those who stayed on for a little shopping while you were at SLink!!  😀

Shoe fair 2009 starts in just a few hours, and it’s going to be great this year!  Tons of gorgeous shoes from tons of great designers (including yours truly) and some great posemakers also have a spot at this year’s fair which is really cool.  The build is very pretty and wintery and featuring some cute and unusual snowpeople made by various designers and bloggers for decorations!

This year at shoe fair (for the opening) I am releasing 2 new styles…

Paloma is a Ballet Pointe shoe.  This is a foot in shoe style to achieve that extreme pointe, and the foot is colour changeable and resizeable via the included HUD.  This slipper is available in 5 colours and includes 5 custom made dancer poses (made by me – my first poses to be made available in SL)

100% of the proceeds from this style will be donated to the Toys for Tots Charity!

Paloma new ad

The Sydney II Stiletto is the shoe version of the Sydney Overknee Boot.  The Sydney II utilises the same animation system as my other feet to force the SL avvie feet into a higher heel position to achieve the very tall heels of this style.  As with my Jolie Pied range, there is NO need to correct the animation in these shoes, ever, they will self correct if a higher priority animation plays over them!  🙂

Sydney II new ad

Both of these styles are available at the SLink booth at the Shoe Fair from 10am on the 22nd December, SLT

I am working on another great style to be released during the fair… watch this space!

50L Friday!

I’m pretty excited to participate in the 50L Fridays event this week!  I have a guest spot and from what I heard, it’s not that easy to get in!  😀

Anyway, since it’s a special event, I have put out a special gold edition of my new Sydney Overknee Boots!  They will be available only from 12am – 11:59 pm Friday the 20th November.  That’s TODAY!  Get them while they are HOT!!!

Click below to see the other vendors participating this week!

Fifty Linden Fridays_16

Taxi to SLink

Sydney Gold Edition Ad

Sydney, and a new style of Jolie Pied barefoot!

New at the SLink Mainstore today!  The Jolie Pied range for ladies has a new style, the Extreme Pointe barefoot.  An arched foot designed especially for photographers and photographees!!  HUD controlled for skintone, nailpolishes, and size.

Extreme Pointe Barefeet Ad

Also brand new at SLink, the Sydney boot.  This is a very high heeled, overknee boot, in sexy satin leather, finished with a zip on the inner calf and around the knee with a soft buckled strap.  This gorgeous boot comes with a HUD resizer, and is available in 9 luscious colours!

Click to see all the details!

Sydney Ad Large


Quite possibly the silliest, and most fun thing I’ve made for SL!  Creating these gave me hours of amusement, and now I am ready to unleash them on the grid.  The SLink Toesocks!  The height of winter fashion, every stylish guy, girl and child needs at least one pair of these to complement any outfit, and keep your footsies warm!

Comes with a simple to use HUD resizer, based on the SLink Jolie Pied HUD.

Now available at the SLink Mainstore. $350 per colour and as a bonus, you get low, medium and tiptoe styles in each pack!

Girls and kiddies, buy from the [Woman and Child] button (the women’s socks shrink down nicely to fit little ones), guys, buy from the [Men] button!

Toesocks Ad Green

Toesocks Ad Teal

Toesocks Ad Red

Toesocks Ad Rainbow

Toesocks Ad Purple

Toesocks Ad Pinkface

Toesocks Ad Pink

As with all my other feet styles, these attach to the foot attachment point and are not compatible with shoes.

2 new hairstyles at SLink

I have added 2 new styles to the wall at the SLink Mainstore today.

Ophelia II is a rework of the original Ophelia.  Much denser, and a lot more volume and movement!  This is my static electricity /caught in a hurricane hairstyle 😀

New Ophelia II Ad

Anais is a very cute little cropped bob, cut close at the nape,  and held on the left with a couple of bobby pins, but with a pleasant messiness about it.  Anais is designed to be worn with the scarf you see in the poster, but can easily be worn without.  The scarf is sold separately in 9 colours for $100L per colour.

New Anais Ad

Free working demos are now available at SLink! Come on over!

Look of the moment!

Small update to the Lourdes release, I have added a demo of this skirt, as well as booty options in each skirt for the more amply defined  bottoms out there!   All included in the packs of course!  So in each pack you will get the new and old skirts in both the normal and booty options for easy fitting 🙂

All now available in SLink!

I thought it as good a time as any to share with you my look of the moment!  Voila!


Hair:: Naughty Designs ( I don’t have a landmark, sorry, but you can find it in search!)

Skin:: Tuli

Shirt, eyes, miniskirt and socks:: SLink

The rainbow toesocks are a limited time group gift in the What’s new in SL group as part of opening week!  Check in my profile and join up to grab them! Only available while the notice exists in the history!

Lourdes Denim Miniskirt

Custom sculpted, completely handpainted, 2 days solid work. This is the Lourdes denim miniskirt.

Available in 6 colours at the SLink Mainstore for $300L per colour or $900L for the fatpack.  Each colour pack includes both new/pristine *and* old/frayed version of the skirts.
Lourdes Denim Miniskirt

Taxi to SLink to grab yours!

We all scream for Eyescream!

I have created a new range of eyes, now available at the SLink Mainstore.  The eyescream range is a clear, realistic sized iris and pupil with a fairly dark upper shadow to give the eye more depth!  I highly recommend trying on a demo for these eyes!  Available in 16 shades ranging from the clearest green to the prettiest red.

Taxi to SLink

Eyescream ad web