The Taylor

What can be said about the Taylor Cutout Boot?  Not a great deal that can’t be said with pictures, other than these are HOT!  Then again, the pictures show that as well 😀

Try on a free demo now at SLink in Sanctum

Taylor All for web

The Taylor boots are a mid calf length zipped boot with a very high wooden stiletto heel, wooden platform and soft red insole.  The leather around the foot and leg is soft and a little bit slouchy, and the strap across the toe is a bold snakeskin.  My personal favourites are the metallic Gold and the White.

Click below for larger view**

Taylor ad GoldTaylor ad White

These boots are based on my Jolie Pied tiptoe feet and have a style specific HUD for the appropriate skin textures for this particular shoe.

Taylor ad Main

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