4 new hairstyles today at SLink

I’m working on some exciting foot related stuff at the moment but in a (few) moment(s) of weakness, I created some new hairstyles!  These are now available at SLink in Sanctum

The Cat’s Meow, a shoulder length style, held back on either side with mother of pearl combs, lots of flyaway strands.

New cat's Meow Ad

These 4 new styles come in my newest hair texture set, a range I’ve worked on for some months now, refining, changing, uploading, scrubbing and starting again!  There are many colours to choose from, from the palest platinum to the darkest blue-black, and there are even some more outrageous choices, like green and blue streaks!

This convenient chart is included in the new posters for you to refer to when dying your hair!

SLink new Hair Colour chart

The demos and multipacks will be using the dye-once-and-drop method from now on and fatpacks are now 10 packs.

Honey is a topknot style ponytail, the pony falls either side of the face in gentle waves from a little elastic band at the top of the head.

New Honey Ad

Fiona, a backcombed classic, long straight hair, long straight bangs, combed high at the crown for volume and 60’s style.

New Fiona Ad

Ophelia.  Ophelia is waterlogged.  Or windblown.  A versatile, interesting style for photographers 🙂

New Ophelia Ad

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