SLinky Revolution!

There is a new sumptuous coat now available at SLink in Sanctum!


Let me tell you a little story about this coat.

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, when Siddean was a fledgeling designer with a tiny store, she yearned after a coat made of soft, supple leather.  So she got to work with the sewing machine and *weeks* later the first SLink long leather coat was born.  This coat was very popular in it’s early days, desired and loved by many!  However, time moves on, dressmaking skills improve and sometimes it’s time for a new look for a new era.

And so, the Slink Long Leather coat has been reborn.  It’s a Revolution!

Completely handpainted and handsculpted, this coat has all the features of the original and then some.  Gorgeous sculpts that match perfectly with the clothing layers, a sexy, high collar and contrasting lining in the sleeves and skirt, heavy flexy skirt that moves just right and won’t show legs in normal standing poses, and most of all, that soft, shiny, buttery leather.

Available in 9 beautiful colours now at SLink.


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