SLink goes exotic!

I have been playing with this idea for a while now and am happy to finally announce that the first set of elven ears has hit the walls at SLink!

As always, a free demo is available! If you are not sure fancy elven ears are for you, why not come on down and find out?

Each jewellery style comes with 4 different styles of ears, Small, Outy, Pointy, and Long and the skintones are fully customisable using my easy to use HUD system. You can choose from a range of metals, coloured and grey ear textures for better tinting for more exotic skins, and a range of gem textures for the beads!

The styles are pictured below.

Metal free – no jewellery at all 🙂  These styles are moddable so you can always add your own jewellery to them!


Frogs n Beads…


Foxy Hoops…


And Chains n Rings…


Come on down to SLink and indulge your inner Galadriel!

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