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Coming this week!

These will be released on Wednesday SLT!  Watch this space 😀

Achillia Teaser 3

Newness in SLink!

There are a couple of lovely new items in my store this week!  Check them out at SLink in Sanctum

The Caress Platforms are a new shoe that I have been hiding in my inventory for a little while.  They are a very high platform stiletto with buckled straps on the toes and ankles.

Caress Mega Ad

The Caress Platforms look awesome here with this shimmery, sparkly number from BareRose!

Caress Ad

These items are now available at SLink.  Don’t forget to look around for the red stars and pick up a bargain or 2 while you are here!!

Another glimpse

Achillia Teaser 2

Coming soon to SLink


Achillia Teaser 1

Coming soon to SLink!

Last days of summer

Strapless Onepiece set

This is a cute strapless one-piece bathing suit that could easily be worn on it’s own as bathers, or with either of the little skirts included for a fresh, cool summery look, or under jeans or shorts as a strapless top!  Each colour includes the bow at the neckline, and the 2 styles of skirt as shown below 🙂  Catch the last rays of summer 09 at SLink!

Now available at SLink!

Strapless Onepiece Ad

Red star sale!

While you’re at SLink, don’t forget to have a look around for items marked with the red star for at least 50% off!

More Slinky sale craziness!

I have just put up a bunch more stuff on sale at SLink in Sanctum.  Many items are halfprice, or even less with group discounts!  More foot-in-shoes styles, clothing and even some hairstyles now on sale!

Look for the red sale star!

Red Star Sale web

Sale Crazyness!

There are a few cool things going down at SLink at the moment and in preparation for these things I have decided it’s time for one of my rare sales.

Every single skin and shape upstairs is marked down, every single pair of shoes and selected foot-in-shoe styles are marked down!  Wherever you see this red star.  And I will be marking  something new down every day so check back often!!  My inworld group members get a further 10% off the sale price again!  😮

Some things will make the after sale cut, some things will be removed from the store!  And I don’t know yet which things those will be  😀

So bring yourself down to SLink and grab yourself a bargain or two!!

Red Star Sale web

SLinky Revolution!

There is a new sumptuous coat now available at SLink in Sanctum!


Let me tell you a little story about this coat.

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, when Siddean was a fledgeling designer with a tiny store, she yearned after a coat made of soft, supple leather.  So she got to work with the sewing machine and *weeks* later the first SLink long leather coat was born.  This coat was very popular in it’s early days, desired and loved by many!  However, time moves on, dressmaking skills improve and sometimes it’s time for a new look for a new era.

And so, the Slink Long Leather coat has been reborn.  It’s a Revolution!

Completely handpainted and handsculpted, this coat has all the features of the original and then some.  Gorgeous sculpts that match perfectly with the clothing layers, a sexy, high collar and contrasting lining in the sleeves and skirt, heavy flexy skirt that moves just right and won’t show legs in normal standing poses, and most of all, that soft, shiny, buttery leather.

Available in 9 beautiful colours now at SLink.


SLink and Studio Sidhe – together at last!!

My very good friend, the talented Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe recently made a lovely set of jewellery with an awesome Kaleidoscope feature!  She suggested that we get together and combine my elven ears with her Kaleidoscope earrings and they are now on display at both our stores!  SLink and Studio Sidhe



Come and grab a pair today!  You can also get the anklets at SLink and Faery has a whole set of matching pieces available at Studio Sidhe!

SLink goes exotic!

I have been playing with this idea for a while now and am happy to finally announce that the first set of elven ears has hit the walls at SLink!

As always, a free demo is available! If you are not sure fancy elven ears are for you, why not come on down and find out?

Each jewellery style comes with 4 different styles of ears, Small, Outy, Pointy, and Long and the skintones are fully customisable using my easy to use HUD system. You can choose from a range of metals, coloured and grey ear textures for better tinting for more exotic skins, and a range of gem textures for the beads!

The styles are pictured below.

Metal free – no jewellery at all 🙂  These styles are moddable so you can always add your own jewellery to them!


Frogs n Beads…


Foxy Hoops…


And Chains n Rings…


Come on down to SLink and indulge your inner Galadriel!