Shopping Cart Disco Readers Appreciation Day

So I am participating in this event, which is quite rare for me in itself!  I have decided to give the following gorgeous pair of shoes as a special gift to members of the Shopping Cart Disco Readers group!

This is a special variation of my recently released Tory D’Orsay pumps.  I made these gorgeous sorbet textures especially for this gift and these shoes have a lovely extra feature, the orchid blossoms at the ankle and toe.

These are available for 24 hours only.  24 hours.  You can only get them on Friday the 17th, you can only get them at my mainstore, and you can only get them as a member of the SCD Readers group.

I am taking them down at midnight on Saturday morning SLT.  They will be at the SLink Mainstore from midnight on Friday SLT.  That’s just over an hour from now!!


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