2 new hairstyles instore today

I’ve been terribly busy but I’ve managed to finally get these beauties on my walls today at SLink, along with the styles from the Hairfair.

A couple of important notes:

  • I have temporarily taken down my older hairstyles in preparation for rescripting them to the new system.  They will hopefully be back in the next few days as I find time.  If you desperately need it *now* pop me a notecard.
  • All my hairstyles are  upstairs to the left now, instead of downstairs to the left
  • All my prim foot shoes have been moved to the back wall where the hair was previously to make the store a little less cluttered.
  • I have added a whiteblonde to the hair colour range.

And now, enough talking… pics!  You can try on working demos of these now at SLink!

Lilly is a lovely messy Bohemian/Hippy style with strands flying everywhere, held in place with a double leather strap accentuated with a couple of leather blossoms and gold beads.


Frederique is a slightly windblown bob.  If anyone has hair like this, as I do, you know how hard it is to keep smooth and sleek on a windy day or one with lots of static electricity.  This is that style!


And of course, my Hairfair styles are now available in the SLink Mainstore.



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